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   Chapter 21 FINALE

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I stood up from where I had sat down as I watched my mother walk up to us before holding both my hands.

"We're all in this together, I clearly understand the reason why you both did what you did. I'm not going to blame you both for anything if I had never been in your shoes. It's time Pearl!, to face the consequences of your actions" I looked over at Greg to see that he was already on his feet just like me. My eyes were glistened with tears as I watched the lawyer gesturing us all towards the sitting room.

I followed reluctantly as I felt Greg's large hands holding mine, I quickly held on tight hoping I'll get some strength from it.

"I'm sorry for calling the whole family here" Daniel looked over at us all before he continued. "I know most of us here are busy business man and woman who's got better things to do with their time than come here and listen to a poor underpaid lawyer. I'm actually glad you all came when I called. Like I earlier stated, your chiinto n here called me six months back and told me that they wanted a divorce. I, in all my possible capacity, explained to them the consequences of their action, which they agreed to by signing here on this document" He paused a little to open the document with him and gently placed it on the table. Then he continued, "To make it all secretive, they told me to sign as their witness and which I did....."

"Enough of this story, what next?, what is going to happen to them now?" Greg's father who had been silent all through finally spoke up with a bit of anger and disappointment laced in his voice.

"I'm sorry if it annoyed you sir but I had to explain so we will all know the reason why we are here. To answer your question sir, I don't think there's any solution to this sir" I supported my chin with my hand as I watched the scene unfold before

alls every seconds?"

"You don't have a choice"


"When I wake up and before I sleep?" I asked.

"In between meals is an additional bonus for being a cute girl" I laughed at that.

"Don't bother about food, I'm going to increase my cooking power before I come back".

"I love you, Pearl" he declared as i entered the car with my parent.

"I love you too, Greg"

I walked out of the plane two months later and entered into the airport proper. I looked around me to see people with different cardboard saying names of who they are waiting for. I couldnt find mine any where near. How could Greg totally forget that I was coming back today?.

I tried looking again and saw nothing but as I tried to move closer, I saw something that caught my attention. It was a pink cardboard with "MY HAPPY EVER AFTER" written on it. "That's cute" I said to myself.

I looked up to see who carried it and saw that it was Greg, my Greg, smiling and grinning as he waved at me, I didn't know when I dropped the bag and ran right into his open arms. As I closed my eyes, I saw my own Fairy tale unfolds in front of me.

The beginning of my happy ever after. My prince charming is not a prince, he's a king and I, Pearl Adams is the queen!.

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