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   Chapter 20 Happy ever after

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It's been two months since I got discharged from the hospital. Greg never asked me any question about what happened and he has been avoiding me ever since. Not like we don't talk or eat together, we still do all those things but I feel he's avoiding me because he doesn't want to know how I feel about what happened. More like he was running away from his past again.

"Ask him about it, maybe he'll feel more comfortable about you bringing it up than him asking you" Peach had advised me the other day when I went to her house to visit her.

"So, how am I suppose to ask him?, do you expect me to just walk up to him and ask him, do you love me?" I already said that before I realized the damage I had caused.

"You think Greg loves you?" She asked looking surprised.

"I'm not sure, but I think it was a dream. I heard you guys talking and you asked if he liked me but he said he loved me. Maybe it's just an hallucination" I explained

"Maybe it's possible medically, since you were in coma, it could have happened" I looked surprised

"So, you are using nothing like that happened?, like, you didn't ask him such a question" I pushed the bowl of Vegetable in front of me aside as I awaited her reply.

"I don't know too, but if you want to know if he loves you, I think Greg is the right person to ask that question, so just talk to him" She looked back to what she was cooking.

"What should I ask him exactly?" I asked picking the ball again to continue slicing the vegetables.

"I don't know, I've never been in a relationship not to talk of marriage its your man we are talking about here. Handle him yourself" She shrugged

"Don't you have any plans of settling down?" I asked


nestly speaking, you're cute with it." We both shared a good laugh at that.

He stood to and leaned over the table to kiss my forehead deeply and I swear I could feel multiple butterflies down there in my stomach.

"I love you, Pearl. Thank you so much for everything, I know it's not easy with you to forgive me…" I hushed him by placing my finger on his mouth.

"God's willing, everything will be easy. Forgiving you and you healing will be easy. I want you to see yourself through my eyes and not your thought and I'll see myself through your eyes.

Read " Summer Flower " by the same author ( Penangel ). You're my happily ever after now. You're my Meum Miraculum" I watched the door open with both my parent and his parent walk into the house. I looked over to Greg to try to get the reason for the sudden meeting without any warning. My question was announced when I saw Barrister Daniel walk into the house.

"I'm sorry to come in uninvited, but I remember telling you guys that the next time I'll be here to see your pathetic faces will be in six months time. Let's start the real business of the day!"


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