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   Chapter 19 The 'l' word

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"It is not this type of chance that I wanted, dad. You made me live in guilt for years. I hated myself and you knew the truth" After Peach had told me the truth about Pearl, I called my mother to ask her about what I had heard but only for the woman to tell me she was in Texas. Texas, yet still using her Nigeria number. I don't get how that could possibly happen. She should have just told me she wants to avoid the question instead of lying. I had to go for the second option.

I went to my father's office to see him hoping he won't tell me he's also in Australia when I can see him face to face.

"That was all I could have done for you Greg, you shut everyone out of your life after that incident. Not even your mother or your brother could get to you. Even that Natasha of a girl knew Pearl didn't die, why didn't she ever tell you about it? Answer my question" I didn't really have any answer to that question.

"Let's put aside Natasha's issue, we're no more friends and before you ask me what happened, it's because she had the intention of hurting Pearl. She had it all planned with the Frederick guy" I explained

"So, now you care about Pearl and you're here in my office complaining about the whole issue. Forget about what had happened and learn to love and cherish your wife, you're now in this marriage. Be a man for once" He advised while still looking at his document. A sign that he was no longer interested in the conversation

"At least, you should have allowed me to meet her properly and have a chance to know her more before pushing me into the marriage"

"And after that?" He questioned while using h

her parent's excuse.

"My own mom told me she was in Texas, just to avoid a question" she couldn't curtail the surprise on her face.

"What was the question?" She asked

"Why they got us married?, why they didn't tell me you were the fairy?, why they allowed me to treat you like that when I was supposed to cherish you?"

"Greg, , , " I didn't allow her to finish the sentence. "Don't say anything, just listen" She nodded

"I know I'm the most horrible person in this world, but I'm so sorry I was not able to recognise you when I saw you. I should have apologize for everything I did. From our prom night to our marriage, for judging you for your imperfections when mine was piled up like a mountain. I love you Pearl, I can't live without you. I don't know how I survived those days without you. But at this point, just do whatever you want to. You're free to divorce me. I deserve it, I deserve everything you want to do. Just please, find a place in your heart to forgive me"


Fly! not because you want to, but because you have to.—Penangel.

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