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Chapter Eighteen



I tried getting acquainted with my surroundings as it was dark and the only sound I could hear was just like that of water dropping into a bucket with water already. I tried opening my eyes but they were too heavy for me to carry, I tried getting words to say but to no avail., I could feel myself drifting away into the sleep land. Then, I heard a sound, it was the door opening which was accompanied with footsteps. Maybe if the door open fully, there would be a ray of light, but I saw nothing.

Then I heard a voice : "hey, you're still in there right?. I really hope you can hear me. It's been three weeks since you've fell asleep and I can't believe the fact that I could make it to this point without you".

What!, why have I been sleeping for three weeks, what is going on with me?, why can't you make it with out me, you never liked me Greg.

"I always thought that maybe if you leave my life, it would be better but I'm wrong. This past few weeks makes me want to die without you in it. I miss you each and every moment. You know, there are times when I'll just enter into the house, and go straight into the kitchen hoping that you'll be there trying to burn it down"

Yeah, whatever. At least I can manage noodles now.

"I miss you, Pearl. Please come back to me really soon. Your parents too misses you and I really need someone to get Peach out of my life. Ever since the incident, it's like she replaced you with me but with an aim of destroying my entire being"

Yeah, that's my girl. I want to come back to you guys, Greg, but it's not easy for me. I just can't get things to happen.

You know one funny inc

person I want to see now. I have a whole lot of questions for him.

"What did you say, honey?" It was my mom who asked this time around, not due to the fact that she didn't hear me but because she actually want me to repeat myself.

"I want to see Greg, daddy"

"Greg has issues to sort out, he'll come see you when he's done. A lot has happened but I'll personally give you the full gist when you get home" My dad explained.

"Please, call him. Let me talk to him. Please" my dad only nodded and proceed to take his phone and dialled his number. After telling Greg that I wanted to talk to him, he passed the phone to me.

"Hey" I greeted

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

"More like, how you're feeling?" He only laughed a bit.

"When are you coming here, I miss you already"

"Very soon, and I miss you too. Especially your cooking power" We both laughed before I dropped the call and it was at that moment that I realized I was falling in love with my husband.


Thank you so much for your patience and love for me. I'm really grateful. Also, I'm really Sorry for the late update.

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