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   Chapter 17 SCARRED PAST

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"Dami, what are you doing here?" I asked out of fear with my eyes fixed on the knife that he was holding

"I'm here to complete an unfinished work, and I need to do it really fast. It's been five years now and it's taking too long" He dropped the knife on the dining table and start to walk towards me while I head straight for the door.

As my hand was just an inch away from opening the door and dashing out of the house. Dami caught me by my shoulder and forced me to turn to him.

"Do you know what my unfinished business is?, or should I say who?" He asked looking down at me before he collected my phone from me and smashed it against the wall while I looked at him and was shaking with fear.

"We don't always get what we want, Dami"

"I was a bet to you Pearl Adams, I loved you with everything in me and all I was to you was a bet. That whole issue would

Ended perfectly five years back if you hadn't called the police on me. You wouldn't have had to suffer again now" he rolled up his sleeves and pick up a candle to lighten it before picking up the knife again.

I started moving back slowly so as to be able to get more closer to the door. "I was left with no choice either, Dami. You wanted to kill me. I didn't have any other choice than to call the police on you"

"What's the fun in it if I kill you?, can you imagine what I'll do with this two instrument?" He asked while showing the candle and the knife.

I quickly held on to the door handle trying to open it. "You need help, you need to go to a psychiatrist"

He moved closer to me. "Nope, it's you who needs help right now, I've locked that door that you're trying to open"

I offered a silent prayer to God to help me this time around. I'm the type of person who had never involved God in anything I did, I grew up beli

l I allow it to affect me when it's not as strong as I am, why should i?" I cried out loud but quickly cleaned the tears from my face as I faced the truth and the truth alone.

"I think I've heard enough of your bullshit tonight, it's time for business" he moved closer to me and before I could dash for the kitchen, he grabbed me by my shoulder and turned me so I'll face him. I tried fighting back by throwing punches at him at different angles. He held the front of my cloth and tried tearing it while I kept on fighting him back to stop him from ripping off my cloth.

This fight kept on for minutes before he was finally able to get me down on the floor and started hitting me with anything he could get his hands on. I was losing my strength and my visions were already blur when I heard a heavy thud on the floor and not long after I felt myself being lifted up from the floor away from the darkness and into the light but not complete light.

I tried making out the face of the person who carried me but it was a face that I had see' before that appeared in front of me. Not in front of my house but in a party, an Halloween party and my prom night. I remember him, the cute guy in the police uniform. It was Greg, my Greg.

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