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   Chapter 16 DRASTIC STEPS

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Friday morning started with more than a headache, I thought the drama with Natasha and Frederick ended already not knowing it was just the beginning. I left for the office around 8:00 am with the intention of going to cinema around 2:30pm to watch Black Panther with Peach. After getting all of my day work done, and ready to rock the cinema world with Peach and every other Black Panther fan in the world, I got into my car and drove straight home.

On getting home, I realized that Greg left a note sticker on the fridge telling me he won't be able to come home till 4pm because of an emergency at the hospital.

After I told him and Peach about what happened during my fresh man year in Loyola university, he had become extra protective of me. I barely move an inch these days without Greg behind me. The only time he's not around me is when he has to be at the hospital for a surgery or something similarly important and when he's not there, He makes sure someone else fills the space.

He only allowed me to go to work today after I told him that I'll be seeing a movie with Peach after I leave my office. Even though he grumbled a lot before agreeing, I'm still glad he did, I don't think I'll be able to miss Black Panther for anything in this world right now.

Greg took drastic steps after I showed him the pictures of the aftermath of a bet gone wrong, even though he felt that what he did was unfair, he asked Natasha to move out of the house with her boyfriend the same day he arrived. Natasha had asked him to choose between her and me, he choose humanity. I was not in any way surprised that Natasha didn't question what he said, but it seems like Frederick already told her what happened. Or maybe Frederick is eve

g the most amazing movie of the century.

Even if Greg had promised to take me to watch the movie when next it's showing, I still have this negative thought that Peach is going to kill me when next she set her eyes on me. Especially, the part that I ditched her for Greg, ill be so gone when she's done with me.

I got home alone because Greg had to stay back for the second surgery and will be back by evening since it was a minor one.

I tried unlocking the front door only to realise that it was opened. One part of me wanted to push any weird thought aside while the other part wanted to embrace it.

What if someone is inside there? I thought

I gently opened the door after sending a text to both Peach and Greg informing them that I might be in great danger. I entered the house and quickly switch on the light only for me to face the greatest horror of my life, it was Frederick that was looking down at me, smiling evilly bringing back the memories of the past. I looked at his hand holding a knife that was sharp enough to cut iron edges.

Authors tiny note

All my life, I've been fantasizing about that hospital scene(almost everything about it). I love this

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