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   Chapter 15 Her greatest Nightmare

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Damilola Frederick, the one hell of a nightmare that I'll never forget in my life, I don't know why my past keep hunting me like this. I want everything to just stop.

"Pearl, look at me. What's going on?" Greg pulled me out of my daze with his question. Even if I try to explain he still won't understand. "Peach?, I need to call her. I need her right now, she's the only person I can talk to……" Greg didn't allow me to finish my statement before he held my shoulder and looked into my eyes.

"Calm down, I'll call her. Okay?. She'll be Here very soon" He assured me and not Kong after that he made a phone call to Peach.

"She's on her way" He informed me after he dropped the call. He then took a seat beside me on my bed before he held my hand in his huge hand. I didn't have s choice that to forvefully remove my hand from his. He only smiled at my action.

"Hey babe, what's wrong?, why do you look like a mess?" Peach complained immediately Greg opened my room door for her.

She quickly took her seat beside me and I gave her the eye signal to tell Greg to excuse us.

"Greg, can you please give us a minute?, we want to talk"

"No, I'm not leaving this place until I get to the end of this issue" He said looking at me as if I was the one who asked him to leave in the first place.

"You know I don't like you that much, right?. I don't even like seeing your face" Peach snapped at him.

"The feeling is mutual, sweetheart. I'm here for Pearl not you" His words actually warmed my heart. Looking at him leaning beside my dressing table made me realize he's not actually bad as a person.

"Did you proceed with operation 3 without telling me?" She asked glaring at me.

"You know I wouldn't d

I'm not a bet."

Which earned him a hard glare from Peach.

"Do you people even know what happened after, none of you bothered to ask me. All you knew was I was in a relationship with a cute guy. None of you cared about how I managed to get myself away from an abusive relationship. You didn't ask me what it was like, you assumed it was a fairy tale love story. And you people even had the guts to say it to his face that he was a bet. You thought that was funny, it wasn't a bit. I was punished for all of our crimes for months, I carried the burden of a sexually and emotional molested woman for years now"

For the second time that day, Greg pulled me into his arms as I melted into tears.

"It's okay, Pearl. Everything will be fine. We got the message, he won't be able to hurt you again. You'll be fine now" He consoled me

"I'm sorry, I didn't know. I had no idea what was going on then, you didn't give us a clue either. I didn't mean to hurt you, you know I'll never be able to hurt you. I'm sorry, girlfriend"

"It's okay, I'll be fine" I pulled out of Greg arms and allowed him to guide me to the bed where he laid me down and pulled a blanket on me.

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