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"Your father, see the way he's driving like a goat. Anuofia" I screamed at the top of my voice as I drove pass the bus that almost hit me from behind, all in the name of trying to pass another bus to get a passenger.

Lagos bus drivers are annoying, rude and careless, they'll make you feel inferior with their words even when you're driving a Ferrari.

I hissed loudly as i heard the ringing of my phone, making me wonder about what crawled up my ass this early morning for me to be grumpy like this. I parked the car at the safe side of the road before I dig my hand into my bag to retrieve my phone. It was an unknown number.

"Hello, this is Pearl Adams speaking"

"Tell me you didn't save my number and I'll call your dad to tell him the marriage is over"

"Greg" I screamed out. "Sorry, my phone is not in a perfect condition this morning"That was one perfect lie, I had deleted his number one day out of annoyance.

"Okay, you didn't say your goodbye before leaving"

"Would it have made a difference if I did?" I inquired

"Is that really coming from the same person who almost ate my head because I didn't pick her call and arrived home late?, I'm Also human and I care"

"Whatever Greg" I don't really care if he care because we're humans. I've got lot to find out.

"I'll see you when you get back. Be safe, bye" He dropped the call and I felt guilty about what I just did. Maybe it was me who called for this by telling him about my plans yesterday. Maybe I sounded desperate to get his attention and that's really bad. Even if it's part of the plan, it's still too early.

I continued my journey home till I got to my father's Villa in Lekki, more

u what happened so it will be easy for you to forgive him. At turn, making it easy for Greg to heal" He looked at me waiting for my reply. I couldn't say anything but to just keep looking at them.

"Are the Williams aware of these too?" I asked

"It was them who brought up the idea" It was my mother who replied this time around.

I got up from my seat and removed my bag, as I informed them that I was leaving.

"You know one mistake you made was thinking getting me married will lead to forgiveness from my side, you were wrong dad, it only made me hate him more"

I got into the car and I didn't have the strength to drive myself home, how I got back to Greg's place was a miracle as I couldn't get myself to stop crying throughout the journey. It hurts.

"You're back?, I thought you were going to sleep over" It was Greg who opened the door for me. I lifted my eyes to look at him and when I did, I could see the shock on his face when he realized I had been crying.

"Just disappear from my life, Greg. You've done just enough. Please go away!. Just go!, Go!" I screamed at the top of my voice as I passed the whole aggression on him.

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