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   Chapter 12 PAST

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It was a dark stormy night, I sat at the balcony of my room watching the aftermath of the heavy rain. I looked up to the sky waiting if God had an answer to every of my questions, Maybe I'll ever get forgiveness for what I did.

The memory of what happened that night never left me, it sticked to my brain so hard that it won't go away. Pearl asking about it two days ago brought back the pains of the past. It was our prom night, a happy one for most of us while the rest were grumpy about the turn of events.

How could we have our prom night on a Halloween night? Was the question on almost everyone's mouths.

The party had started on a full blown fun stage, I had dressed like a policeman while my friend, Henry, dressed like Santa. We entered like kings since we had always been regarded as one.

"Hey handsome" Natasha had greeted me that night without acknowledging her boyfriend, it was obvious that they had another lover's fight. I just shook my head while I walked away from the scene.

"Greg, wait up" Nice one, Henry, you had just officially announced it to everyone that I'm Greg. We had joined our other friends later at the party when a girl who dressed like a fairy came to call my attention to what Natasha was doing inside.

We saw her all over another guy, smooching and kissing him. Henry was so pissed off that he grabbed the guy and threw him against the wall. The fairy was just laughing which made it pretty obvious that she was drunk. I stood there not knowing if I should intervene or not, even Natasha's screams were not helping the situation.

The noise from the party had drowned her screams so other students couldn't hear her. I tried peeling Henry off this other guy which I failed in. But the guy managed to get away, Henry wanted to go after him when I picked up a bottle without thinking twice and threw it with the aim of hitting the wall so it would stop henry from going after this mystery guy.

But the alternative happened, it hit the fairy girl right in front of her head and that was the last time I heard of her.

"What are you doing out here, don't you feel cold?" I looked up to see where the voice was coming from and I realized it was Pearl, she had come out of her room to the balcony. I didn't reply her, I only shrugged my shoulder.

"Bad mood, right?" I nodded without looking at her. I guess tonight is one of those nights, where we both get to behave normal.

"It's normal, I actually think I should register for cooking classes, I tried frying eggs today, it was disastrous" She said laughing and I couldn't help smiling.

"You really need it, I thought I was bad at cooking but when I met you, I realized I'm really an amazing cook" I replied.

"Keep mocking me, I'm gonna surprise you very soon" She assures me

"I'll be waiting" I said. "Hey wait…" I stopped her before she went back into her room.

"I was wondering about why you suddenly asked me about the girl…" I waited hoping she will get the clue.

"Rumors, I heard some stuff about you, so I decided to ask you even if no one knew what happened to the girl" She replied.

"Okay, but Why do you hate Natasha?, she was telling

vorce. And please, let's just do it as we planned, even if your parents are against it, just try your best not to drag it out" She requested from me.

"Okay, I'll do just that and till then, I'll try to keep Natasha out of your way, I'll really do my best at that"

I assured her.

"Thanks, where is she by the way?" She inquired

"She's working Late today" she didn't say anything to that.

"I'll be going to my parent's place tomorrow, I'll be back before Saturday, so it's not like you'll look for me even if I leave home" She said laughing

"I'm not that bad of a person" I said with a pout.

"First impressions last forever, brother. You didn't leave quite a good one and we Even agreed to see each other as strangers" She started moving towards her back door.

"I'll make it up to you, I promise"

"You don't have to, it still won't make a difference and try to stay happy tomorrow as your major source of unhappiness will not be around" A Flint of guilt hit my heart as she said those words.

"That's not true, Pearl" it was obvious she was going through a hard time with the manner she approached me with today and i can't blame her. I've being much of a headache too.

"Maybe not completely but most of the times, Goodnight Greg"

"Goodnight" I could only watch her walk into her room and locked the back door before she put the light out.

Natasha came in not long after that and after i opened the door for her, I went straight up to enter my room.

"Can I sleep in your room, tonight? She asked with her puppy eyes.

"No, Nash. I'm married and even if we are not on good terms, I can't do that and moreover you have your own boyfriend"

"Whatever" she replied with a sad eyes hoping it would work on me.

"Good night, Girlfriend" I opened the door to enter my room after I heard her muttered goodnight under her breath.

The next morning, Pearl left for her parent's place without a goodbye and I was left with no other choice than to call her..


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