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   Chapter 11 Memories

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Peach walked me back to my office as I tried to regain my sanity. The whole scenario kept on playing in my head over and over again.

"How is me not remembering Greg an additional advantage to her?, why can't I remember him?, you remember him and so do Nash. I don't understand what is going on anymore, and I need answers, I really need answers" I was pacing around my office and I couldn't control myself from biting on my fingers real hard. Peach pulled it away from my mouth and made me sit down.

"You're panicking and trust me babe, it's not worth it, none of this are. Natasha, Greg, they're not worth a shit. You have a fight against Natasha, remember?" And now that she's here, things are gonna change" She held my shoulders as she said all this.

"But I need answers, maybe that will also let me understand why I should fight back this time" I said

"Now that i think about it, the only person who can answer that would be Suzy, you remember her right?" Of course, Suzy was Natasha's best friend in secondary school before things fell apart for the two of them after school. Maybe it was due to the long distance, all we know is they stopped being friends and both ignored one another on social media.

"Yes" I replied by nodding my head.

"Fortunately enough, she's dating my brother and she's a little less bitchy nowadays. So I'll call her now and try to hear her out. At least she should know something" She dipped her hand into her bag to retrieve her phone and placed a call to Suzy.

"Hey, sister in-law. Are you calling me that you've agreed to be one of my bridesmaid" I gave Peach a questionable look and she mouthed the word later.

"That.., I'll give you an answer to that later today. But I just need a little favor from you" She requested

"Okay, anything for you" And I died and woke up after hearing that. Maybe she's this nice because she's engaged to Peach's brother, because the last time I knew her, she was as bitchy as ever.

"You re

nodded as if he'll see me from his end of the line.

"Okay daddy, I'll see you later then. I love you"

"Love you too, Meum" he dropped the call. I didn't even realize I was crying until Peach called my attention to it.

"I'm not crying because I'm hurt, Babe. I'm crying because I'm weak, I just can't do anything about myself. I'm going home, I need to rest" I stood up and picked my bag from the table and walked out of the office with Peach behind me.

I drove out of the office compound not without making a promise to Peach. A promise to take good care of myself and not to ask Natasha anything. I got home and saw Greg in the living room watching a football match and totally engrossed in it.

"Hey, let's be civil with one another today. It's just one question I want to ask and I need just a simple answer from you"

"Its about your prom night in secondary school, okay?"

"Okay?, what about it?"

"What happened to the girl who went to call you?" His facial expression instantly changed to something I couldn't understand

"Why is that your business?" I stood up from the couch I sat on.

"I knew you wouldn't answer, so thanks for listening at least"

I was about turning and leaving when he mumbled something.

"What?, I didn't hear you?" I turned back to face him.

"I said she died, the girl died that night".

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