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   Chapter 10 Lion's Den

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Pearl's POV

I entered into the elevator and pressed the button of the 4th floor. A meeting has been called for all senior officers of the company, and this only happens when there's an addition to the company. "Hey Pearl, how is your project going?" I looked back to see the person talking to me and I realized it was one of the guys working at the marketing section, the one attached majorly to the Fashion magazine section.

I smiled at him before replying

"It's going fine, we won the contract with Anderson Hospital so we're almost there" He smiled back

"That's good, you're one of the best they've got at your department. You're good"

"I'm honoured, thank you" I said without turning to face him.

"You know, the new addition is at the fashion department, I heard she's from London, worked under Victoria Secret once, she's a big deal for the company" I groaned inwardly when my brain tried to process who it could be.

"What's the name?" I asked curiously.

"Natasha Collins, I heard. She even had a show last week which started good but ended in a disaster but it's all good" I nodded my head and smiled knowing the game is not yet over.

The elevator stopped and opened at the fourth floor, I walked out with the other guy behind me. We got into the room and I could see that almost everyone were seated already. I quickly took a seat beside Peach who smiled at me without saying a word immediately I sat down.

"Guess the new addition" I whispered

"Why are you whispering?, and you know I'm not good at guessing"

"I don't want people to hear us gossiping about anything and promise you won't freak out when I tell you"

"Cut the chase, babe. Who is it?" Now it's her turn to whisper.

"Natasha Collins" The shock on her face was so evident that I had to cover her mouth with my hand before she screams the whole roof off.

"What the hell is she doing here?" She asked after she managed to regain her sanity.

"I also don't know, but since this company belongs to Greg's father, anything can happen" I replied before looking at the podium to check if there's any sign of her which there wasn't.

"It was your house fir

each who responded to my not so question.

"You don't remember?" Natasha asked looking at me worriedly

"No, I don't" I replied.

"Then, that is an advantage to me then. Have a lovely day you both and don't forget to do your work diligently from now on. Anything can get lost" she warned

"More like the prey coming into the lion's den for survival" Pearl said before pulling me out of my daze as she pulled me out of the hall.


Peach: "Hey miss, are you not going to write anything about my personal life??"

Natasha: "This is not your time to shine, it's mine"

Pearl: (Groans inwardly) "we all know who's in charge here. She has the right to tell who's story it is. Moreover, you know this book is all about me, right?"

Natasha: "cut the crap, you know you're so boring so no one is enjoying your story".

Peach: "6, 000+ reads and amazing comments says something, you dimwit.(glares hard at Natasha)"

Pearl: "that's enough girls, before I forget, on behalf of Penangel and the rest of the imperfection team, we all say thank you for the love and the support so far. We're really grateful"

Natasha: "minus me. I'm not included"

Author(me): "Nobody wanted you here though, thank you Pearl. Don't forget to click the like button too guys. Thank you so much, angels"

Peach: "is that the new fan name 'Angels' it's nice."

Yes it is!

We love you Guys. Thank you once more.

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