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   Chapter 9 Her turn to win

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The show took place at Landmark Event Centre which emitted Natasha's pink light in an umbrella-like shape on the night of the show. With over 1, 500 attendees, it was obvious that the event was a good start for Natasha.

The tone of Natasha's show was Red and blue. Guests were invited to pose for photos and followed by a tiny bit of refreshments before they could resume taking pictures with their friends and fellow celebrities. This reminded me of the Victoria Secret's fashion show that I had to attend when I was out of the country for Nash. She was a model under Victoria Secret for years before she decided to come back to Nigeria to make a career of her own.

On every seat was a packet of cards on the six themes of the show and portraits of the models, known as angels, just like that of Victoria secret. She even included a bit of the African culture into her themes which made the event more creative. The performers of the night were Tiwa Savage, Davido, Wizkid, Timi Dakolo who happens to be my favourite performer of the night.Natasha and I had both sat down to arrange how everything will be for the night. From the stage settings to the last thing, I really hope everything go as planned tonight.

The event started at exactly 1:56 with the angels walk down the stage with their wings, clothes and accessory arranged and designed by Nash. I looked at the other side of the stage to see Pearl and Peach smiling and grinning from ear and ear and I could see they were enjoying the show. After most of the performers have put in their best and the models had enjoyed themselves, the show finally came to an end when Natasha

t show would have ended in peace and we would all be happen now.

Natasha stormed upstairs immediately we entered the house, banging very hard on Pearl's door. I saw her Hands fly straight to Pearl's face before I could stop her. She just slspied my wife and I didn't do anything to stop her.

"You witch!, is it not enough that you damaged Greg's life by marrying him. Must you go after my career?" She said screaming at Pearl

"What are you talking about?" she inquired and it was clear that she was trying to feign ignorance.

"What you best friend did, pearl. That wasn't nice" I said trying to intervene

"What was wrong with what she did?, did she lie about anything?. And you Nash, don't you dare raise your hand to hit me again cos I swear to God if you try it one more time, , I'll destroy you more than you've already been destroyed. This isn't high school or college, Nash. This time, it's my turn to win" she slammed her room door in front of our eyes. Her eyes had fire in them.



(Reference for the show: Online{Victoria secret's}

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