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   Chapter 8 Best of all lucks

IMPERFECTION By Penangel Characters: 5555

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Pearl's POV

"Declare a war on her, let her know her place for the first time in your lives" She repeated as I tried to comprehend whatever it was she meant.

"Are you for real?, you know I don't do things like that. Why will I declare a war on a human just like me. I'm not good in that aspect, let God take control of everything" I heaved a sign showing that I'm fed up with her and her mentality.

"Girlfriend, God won't come down and take charge, let God use you this time. Seriously, it's annoying. The first time, it was your boyfriend and now your husband and all you'll do is sit there and don't even show a bit sign of caring"

"It's not like I care, moreover Greg is more like a stranger to me than a husband" I proclaimed

"More reason why you should do this, you're not doing it to get Greg to like you or see you in a different way. All you want is to show Natasha her place for the first time" I tried thinking about it and I saw reason in what she was saying. I'm not doing this to get attention from Greg, I just want Natasha out of my life for the next six months. After that, she can come back and rule her world, but not while I'm here.

"You know what" I said standing up from my bed to face her. "I think I should give it a shot, she need to be taught a lesson" I declared.

"Let operation Get rid of Natasha begin, we need three stages to achieve this" She took a paper and pen from my table and sat back down on the bed.

"First, Frustrate her entire being" I looked at her questionably

"How do I do that?" I asked her

"How do you frustrate someone you dumb ass. First, sho

girls for one of my fashion shows that'll happen the day after tomorrow. You can come over to have fun, and see how good I am" She returned to seat beside Greg and placed her head on his shoulder. He didn't't turn to look at her or me, he just kept his face glued to the tv.

"Of course, we'll definitely be there to help lift up your glory to the skies" Peach said smiling and turn to say something to my ear. "And drop it so it crushes into pieces".

We both had a good laugh as I walked her to her car. We said our goodbyes and I made my way back inside. She gave me the invitation card to the show immediately I entered, I opened it and smiled at her wishing her all the best of luck. I mean it, Nash, you need the best of all lucks this time around.


OKAYYYYY, IT TOOK me like three days before I could finish writing this chapter. I had to wait for a while to finish school stuffs before I continue. To you reading it, it is Frenzy but to the writer, it is Cranky. More reason why I named the status. FRENKY. More frenzy, less cranky.

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