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   Chapter 7 Enemy at her base

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Pearl's POV

"Pearl, meet Natasha, my Girlfriend" Greg spewed the rubbish he called words out of his mouth and I couldn't help but wonder if this guy still has brains left in that skull of his.

"Like I give a damn" I looked at them looking at me with surprise. We had promised to live as strangers, why bother me with his life issues?.

I went up to my room and screamed into my pillow.

Of all girls, why Natasha Collins. I've hated that girl since like forever, we both went to the same secondary school together and we were even roomies. The hatred we had was right from home and I love the fact that I hate her. She was the Mrs goody two shoes, always doing things as if she was the best woman in this whole wide world. Her existence is choking me and I feel like dying anytime I see her. She tormented the life out of me in secondary school, calling me Hausa goat up and down. I hates this girl so much that the four walls of the world are feeling it already.

I took out my phone to call my best friend, Peach.

"Wrong time, woman" I could hear her groaning from her side.

"Best time ever. Guess who I just saw?" I asked her.

"Brad Pitt, you mean you just saw that gorgeous man" We both crushed on Brad Pitt once but hers is extreme. To an extent that every movie we watch at all our sleep overs are his movies.

"Shut up you dimwit, I just saw Natasha Collins" I declared

"The same bitch who Finn cheated on you with" Yes, that's right. We all went to Loyola university. Me, Natasha and Finn. I had introduced Finn to Natasha when we met once

a bit then, things might be different now" I dropped my hand from my head and started wondering if what she was saying was true. I never met Greg once in secondary school.

"We need to find a solution to this issue on ground, you lost your boyfriend to Natasha and now your husband. Even if you don't like Greg, you can't allow Natasha to have him too. You won't have him and she won't" She declared

"I can't do anything to it, I don't want to fight for any man's attention" And that earned me yet another slap at the back of my head.

"Who's asking you to fight for his attention. He's not even the president's son. All I'm telling you to do is find a way to get Natasha out of this house. Attention my foot" she made funny noises with her mouth as she stood up from the bed.

"Okay, so what do you think I should do?" I asked knowing fully she was going to say something dumb and stupid.

"Declare a war on Natasha, get her out of your house in three weeks. If you hate her, I don't think you'll want to see her face, almost everyday. So get her out before she gets you out".

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