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   Chapter 6 The witness

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I took a deep breath as I watch the silence linger around us for more than thirty minutes, I was not talking and so also was the two people here with me.

I got a call from Daniel, my lawyer, that he was on his way to my house about an hour ago and the reason why we all are silent now is due to the fact that we need a witness for this proposal. We were all thinking about the friend we can call to stand as a witness. I know Pearl can't have any friend outside her circus of rich and spoilt brats.

As for me, Daniel is the only friend I have outside the Upper class circle. He is from a middle class family, I met him when I was still in secondary school, he had won a scholarship from one of the foundations created by my father. He had considered himself lucky then while we all looked at him as the golden boy. Few years later, we are sitting facing each other in my living room thinking of what to do next. Maybe he's still that golden boy till this day.

"I have an idea" I said while looking at Daniel. "Can't you stand as our witness?"

"I can stand as your witness but I don't want to" he declared.

"Why" Pearl asked

"Because I don't want to get myself involved in your dirty game. Every other couple in the world fights for their relationship but you guys…." He didn't complete his words.

"You have to do this for us, Dan. I'm sorry that I got you involved in this mess, it's not proper and I know. But I also don't have a choice" I said

"Let me ask you guys a question" he dropped his pen and the document on the centre table.

"Especially you Pearl, why do you want to do this?, why agree to this marriage when you know you'll break it after six months?"

"I wanted a love marriage, I wanted a man who loves me for who I am, not one who keep on complaining abo

nything, right?"

"I've missed you terribly during those periods, and I love you too babe" I said smiling at her gingerly. "Now that I'm here, I'll help you with almost everything and we'll have a lot of fun"

"Yeah we will" I confirmed

I started the journey towards home and through it, we were talking, and chatting about old friends and she even remembered Daniel, the guy she won't stop calling Hausa goat when we were still in secondary school. She is my first love, my best friend and totally everything to me.

We got to my house and I opened the front door for her to enter into the building.

"Wow, I must confess, this place is amazing. You did yourself a good thing here in Nigeria" She praised me

"I'm honoured your majesty. Thank you" I bowed in a playful manner.

Pearl opened the kitchen door and was about making her way up to her room when I called her back.

"Pearl Adams?" Natasha said with suprise

"Nice meeting you again, Natasha Collins" she said with venom visible in her voice

"You guys know each other" I got no response as I watch the two of them glaring at each other. That was when I knew I was in for it.

"Pearl.." I called out getting her attention."Meet Natasha, my girlfriend"

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