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   Chapter 5 The encounter

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Pearl's POV

I stopped gazing and looking at the tall building right in front of me, thinking if I should go in or not. The name Anderson Hospital stood magnificently in front of the building.

The reason why I'm here is a long story which is for another day. I was still contemplating if I should go in or not when a phone call came in from my boss. I picked the call reluctantly and put on my earphone while trying to remove the seat belt from my body.

"Sir?" I slurred

"Are you there already?" He asked

"If I'm there, the MD would have called you" I could sworn I heard him curse under his breath from the other side of the line.

"You know you have a lot of attitude issues, right?, just go in and seal this deal with that hospital. They are becoming a major man now these days. The company needs this deal and so does your father in law" he emphasized on the word father in law so I would feel the need to behave.

"It's good you know the way things are, if not for him, I won't be here doing this"

"Just use your talent for once, woman. You're good at what you do, make something out of it" He advised.

"Yes boss, I'll try my best" I dropped the call and groaned loudly. I remove my bag from the back seat as I made my was out if the car and into the hospital.

"Hi, good afternoon. I'm here to see the MD of this hospital" I said trying to put up my best smile as I approached the nurse at the reception.

"Who are you?" She inquired arrogantly.

"Tell him it's Pearl Adams" She picked up the office phone and called the managing director.

"I think you need to leave the hospital premises, he doesn't know any Pearl Adams" She was looking at me as if I'm here to steal her last lunch.

"Tell him, I'm from Swift building corporations. Pearl Adams. Architect Pearl Adams" Her facial expression changed as she directed the call again to her boss.

I got the direction to his office from her and after thirty minutes meeting with the MD the deal was sealed. Our company was to provide their new hospital building drawing plans. From the first one to the last one, we are in charge which means more work for me.

The door to the office of the MD suddenly opened as a surgeon entered asking the MD for one work related document.

"Pearl?" I looked up to realize it was my so called husband, Greg.

"Greg, you work here?" I inquired and he only nod in response

"You guys know each other?" The MD inquired. I didn't have the chance to respond before Greg did.

"She's a friend of mine and we happen to know each other's family too. You can say we're family friends" I couldn't curtail the surprise on my face

"Ooh, that's

okay then. I was still thinking of taking her on a date" Payback time.

"Mr Tony" I said referring to the MD, "You can get my number from Dr Greg here, I need to get back to work now so I won't be able to wait to do that" I stood up from my seat and faced Greg. "At least, We're close to the extent that we have each other number, right? And please, Mr Tony, let it be a fancy restaurant, I don't do cheap ones" I made my grand exit out of the office as I started grinning from ear to ear. Karma they say, it's a bitch.

"What was that stunt you pulled at my office today?" Greg screamed into my face immediately he entered the house.

"What did it seem like?" I questioned back

"You came to flirt with my MD, Pearl. For God's sake, you're married. Learn to keep your panties in your skirt". I didn't know when my hand ended up in his face but I know it did and I didn't regret it.

"You slapped me?" He asked holding his face.

"Yes, I did. And I'll do it over and over again. I maybe a spoilt brat like you always say, but I'm not a slut. I only went to your hospital because of the deal I wanted to win for your father's company. What was my offence?, you denied me right in front of your MD. Even if you hate me that much, at least give me a little respect in front of others. Not because of the fact that I'm your wife, but because I'm a woman" I stopped a little looking at him.

"That wasn't even enough for you, you still come back home to add more salt to my already opened wound. You're not just arrogant, Greg. You're stupid" I said screaming at his face.

"You know what, let's add one more thing to the rule, let's treat each other as strangers and not as couple"

"If that is what you want, then so be it. You know what, I'm even tired of this relationship. I can't wait for the six months to end so I can get myself out of these" He was hurt and it was visible on his face. I know it's not due to the fact that I slapped him that hurt him that much, there's much to his story which I don't think I'll ever get to know.

He left for his room and I was left standing alone on the same spot for the second time in a row. I later went up to my room to sleep.

I made a decision to apologize for what I did the previous day that morning. I met him at his doorstep immediately I opened mine.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said those words to you last night. I should not have denied you also in front of my MD. But the decision you made last night is right, let's not see each other as a couple, that way, I won't hurt you" I could see the sincerity in his eyes and I was touched that I didn't even know what to say. I was transfixed at a point as I watch him walk out of the house.

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