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   Chapter 4 Worth a Shit

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"We need to make new rules for things to be in order, i mean right order" I said looking around for a pen and a book.

"What are you looking for?" Pearl inquired

"Pen and a book to write down the rules"

"Are you really serious about the new rules of a thing?" She opened her bag to retrieve a pen and a book and proceed to push them towards me.

I collected the materials and opened the note to start writing

"I give you the permission to say the rule" she paused a little and look at me plausibly. "Before we start talking about the rules, let's solve a crucial issue at hand, we need legal documents on the proposal. We need to get our signature down to confirm what we said today so none of us will back out of the deal in six months times" I nodded in agreement

"Maybe I'll call my lawyer to bring in the documents tomorrow" She suggested

"You work for one of my father's company, so you'll definitely use one of the company's lawyers. That will not be secretive. I'll get a lawyer from my side to do that. Let's start with the rules. Ladies first" She gave me a tiny smile before bringing out another own from her bag, she tore a sheet out of the book from me and returned the book to me.

"Write your own rules down and let me write mine. That way, it will be fair"

I agreed to Pearl's suggestion and after ten minutes of writing, I looked up to see that she was still writing. So I took my phone and sent a text to Daniel, my best friend who also happens to be a lawyer to call me anytime he see the message.

"I'm done" I dropped the phone. "Okay, let's exchange and read it out loud, you can read mine first" I pushed the book towards her and collected the sheet from her as well. She pouted when she saw what I wrote.

"What?" She didn't reply, she only shrugged her shoulders. "You wrote just five rules here. First one, we will not invade each other's privacy. Two, Number Five is very very important" She looked at me and I gave her the go ahead look.

"Three, we can bring in friends but no late night parties. I don't do parties, I don't have much friends" She said before she continued

"Four, Rule number Five is very very important and specially important. Five, please do not cook" she dropped the book in anger and I tried holding myself back from laughing.

"Are you saying I don't know how to cook?"

"Is that not obvious enough?. You know what, let's fix it like that 'Do not cook for me and when I'm around' How about that?"

"That's better" She replied. I took that as my cue to take the sheet and read her rules out

'RULE 1: Learn to respect each other'

RULE 2: Since we'll be living just as roommates, there's no need for the wife to do the husband's chores

RULE 3: Parents are not to be involved in our issues

RULE 4: No sexual relationship of any form

RULE 5: Let's stay out of each other business and act like adults that we are.

RULE 6: I do the dishes while you fix your own food

RULE 7: Please read rule 4 over again as this is very import


RULE 8: Please do not come home late

I looked up from the paper amd tried my best not to squeeze the life out of it and throw it at her face. "Do you realize this is my house?, and you're telling me, I can't come home late. I'll come in anytime and anyhow I like. Okay?" I took a pen and crossed out the 8th rule.

She looked furious and I started laughing real hard that it hurts my stomach

"What is so funny?, haven't you seen an angry face before" She said with a more angry face.

"What's my business with your angry face?, Rule 4 is so funny I couldn't stop myself. What do you mean by Sexual relationship?" I queried

"I mean, no touching, no kissing and whatever is after it"

"What is after kissing?" I said teasing her

"I don't know, don't ask me and I don't even want to know"

"Are you perhaps a Virgin?, or are you harbouring some feelings for me?" I gasps out loud feigning surprise.

"What are you talking about?, VirginjQuery21409204720752313733_1534697719661, who's a virgin. Ahh, feelings??, are you joking. I can't ever have feeling for you?" She said stuttering out and her face was so flushed that it almost turned white. I didn't know how or when I started laughing as her facial expression was killing me. I couldn't stop myself from laughing.

She stood up out of annoyance and went to get room as fast as her legs could carry her and I sat down there in the dining room laughing really out loud at her dilemma.

Until my phone beeped stoping me from laughing further. I picked up the phone and realized it was from the hospital saying it was an emergency.

I didn't bother saying anything to Pearl as I walked out of the house in haste and made my way to the hospital to attend to the patient.

I got back home around 12am, I switched on the light at the entrance of the living room only to see Pearl glaring at me real hard

"Where are you coming from?" I just didn't hear that

"Are you for real?, I thought we made ourselves clear. You stay out of my business and I can come to my house anytime I like" I emphasized on "my" so she'll get the message loud and clear.

"Staying out of each others business doesn't mean not caring if the other die or not, does it?, I left you here for just two minutes and when I got back, you've disappeared. I called you but you didn't pick up your phone. Is it a sin if I'm worried about you or is it a crime to look for my housemate who disappeared all of a sudden" She was almost screaming already.

"Pearl, I'm serious, stay out of my business and I mean it" I said trying to make my way to my room

"You know what, all this is just not worth it, do whatever you like. I don't care. You're just not worth one shit of anything" She said with disgust

"Yeah, I'm not worth anything, not even a dog's compassion. More reason why you should stay out if my business. My father doesn't care then who are you to?"


So at this point, I think I have to ask you guys, team Pearl or team Greg??

Do you think Pearl overreacted??

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