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   Chapter 2 ONE METRE

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I walked into the kitchen to see Pearl writing something furiously on a paper and crossing it out. I'm not sure of what she was writing but the moment she turned back looking at me with so much fear in her eyes, I realized what she was up to.

I don't even know the reason why I'm in this thing called marriage. I never imagined myself getting married not to talk of getting married to a girl called Pearl. I never liked her for once before marriage and I still don't like her a bit, we met once in New Orleans when she attended a friend's wedding, I was related to the groom and she knew the bride from her secondary school days. I was so surprised at her attitude that day that I ended up promising myself never to end up with a girl like that even if the world is full of apes and the two of us are the only humans. She has no respect for principles whatsoever, she's a high class spoilt brat, no manners, no composure, nothing.

You could have imagined the horror on my face when I realized she was the bride to be, I couldn't stop cursing myself over and over again for agreeing to meet the girl in the first place but the deed has been done. I had no choice but to tell it to her face that I can't even see her as a friend, not to talk of a girlfriend.

My father had forced me to agree to this marriage on the basis that it was good for the family business, Business that I'm not even involved in, my brother is in Charge next after my dad and I never had any interest in business, more reason why I went into the medical line, a neurosurgeon at that. Even when father won't stop complaining about me not helping with the Business, I know deep down he was proud of me. And my mother has been a pain in the ass since we were kids, always talking about how I'll control the East and my brother will ?take charge of the South.

"How was work?" She asked in a trembling voice pulling me out of my trance.

"Good, what are you…." She didnt allow me to finish before held on to my suit tightly.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I was hungry so I had to fix something without causing trouble. I didn't mean to go against your wish" She said looking up to me

"One metre, Pearl" I instructed and she looked at me questionably

"What?" I pulled her hands forcibly away from my cloth as I pushed her back a little.

"Stay away from me as far as a metre" I didn't allow the confused look on her face to linger for long before I told her the necessary thing that brought me into the kitchen.

"Mother is around, she wants to talk to us" I told her as I walked out of there.

"Good evening ma" I heard her greet my mom immediately she got into the living room. I watched as my mother moved towards her as if she was Queen of England.

"Come and sit beside me my child" My mother told

her and she agreed willingly.

"What's this meeting all about, mom" I asked and which I received a glare for.

"I'm here for Pearl not you"

"Is that my cue? ?To leave I mean" I asked

"Young man, look here. I don't know the reason for all this your attitude but you will sit here and listen to every of our conversations"

"ohh God, what have I gotten myself into" I muttered under my breadth.

"How has he been treating you, Pearl?" She asked

"Fair enough mother" she replied shyly.

"If he doesn't behave, just call me or his father and let me finish him off just like that" I remained silent In my seat as I watched the two of them talking ?about things that I don't even have interest ?in.

The meeting ended quickly and I was finally allowed to stand from my seat and see mother off to her car. I watched as her car drove out of the compound before I went back inside to get out of my office clothes.

"Greg" she called running up to me

"Pearl, one metres" I reminded her as she controlled herself and stopped where she was.

"Aren't you hungry?" She questioned.

"More like, you're hungry, right?" I returned her question with another one and she nodded slowly.

"There's a food canteen down the street, you can go there to fill your stomach" I advised her

"Can't I just try to cook something here?" She queried

"So you can burn the whole house down as you didn't succeed in doing that yesterday when you tried to cook noodles" I looked at her angrily.

"Okay, what will you eat then?"

"Like you care?" I questioned her, hoping that will get her to shut up and leave me alone

I was about going up the staircase to my room when she said something that grabbed my attention.

"Look here and hold on a little, I don't know what's running up there in that head of yours and I don't even want to know. But I care, not because of the fact that you're my husband but because you're also human like me. So I care. But next time, I won't. So, I'm sorry" She apologized and as I was about to say something, my phone started ringing.

I brought it out from my pocket and saw it was mother. ?What again?

"Yes mom, did you forget something?"

"No, is Pearl there?" She asked

"Yes, she's here"

"Put the phone on loud speaker, I want to talk to the two of you" I touched the screen and the speaker turned on automatically.

"Pearl, can you hear me?"

"Yes ma, I can hear you" she replied

"Okay, so I want you guys to know that I'm not getting younger. I need a grandchild and I want you guys to do something about it tonight" I was so furious that I ended the call and I clenched my hand in a fist, I had expected pearl to react the same way only for me to look up to see the little witch grinning from ear to ear.


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