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   Chapter 15 A Disturbing Day

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JT barged through the door only to come to a screeching halt. All the lights in the hall fluctuated with such intensity, extremely bright one second and completely dim the next that he felt blinded by the harshness even when the lights were low. Within seconds of his arrival, the lights grew brighter and brighter and then everything had gotten dark. They had all shattered simultaneously. Glass fragments lay everywhere. His eyes took a moment to adjust, and then JT ran forward to where Gwen stood; her face covered with her hands, her shoulders drooping low. She was sobbing quietly and shaking her head, mumbling something he didn't quite understand.

When he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, she screamed and wiggled away from him. Without turning to look, she backed into the nearest corner.

"Gwen its JT." He approached her slowly, in a non-threatening manner. When she refused to open her eyes, his concern grew tenfold. He knew he had to snap her out of whatever had scared her, but he wanted to do so delicately. He didn't know how though. Being in a difficult situation was nothing new to JT, but the circumstances he had been in were those that he had been trained for. He knew exactly how to handle them. This … this was new to him, and he didn't enjoy being helpless.

JT made soft, soothing sounds as he approached Gwen again. When she didn't squirm away from him, he put one hand on her elbow and rubbed gently. He sighed internally when she didn't pull away from him. Slowly JT tried removing her hands from her face.

"Gwen it's me... JT. Gwen, look at me." This time, she did. She peeked through her fingers and was visibly relieved to see him. She let go of her face and ran to the safety of his arms. He couldn't understand what scared her so though. Okay, he admitted to himself. India had its share of electricity issues. It wasn't overly disturbing to see the fluctuation. In fact, it was quite normal. Perhaps not to the magnitude where all the lights shattered. But hey, this was an old house with old wiring. Easily explainable and not quite so disturbing... except for the shattered glass. Now, that was a mess, and one of them could have gotten hurt.

"Hey… it's all right, " he said softly as he ran his fingers through her hair in an attempt to soothe her. "It's okay. These things happen.... shhh. It's okay". Gwen stopped shaking and looked up at him.

"It's okay? How can it be okay?" She looked positively upset, and JT was at a loss again. Wasn't she overreacting just a wee bit?

"Listen, I can perhaps see why you're not used to this, but we'll get somebody to look at the wiring in the house."

"Wiring? What's wrong with the wiring?" Gwen replied just as confused as JT.

He looked around the hall, and she looked with him. Her eyes opened wider as she saw the broken glass mess on the floors. "How? When?" is all that she could whisper.

"You didn't see the lights going crazy?" JT asked.

She shook her head still trying to absorb what happened. "No, they were fine when I came in."

He pushed Gwen away from him just

e, this incident was upsetting but wasn't she laughing a little while ago? He shelved the thought and grabbed his keys.

Perhaps a little light humor will change the mood a little? "Milady, " JT said offering Gwen his arm. She smiled and took his arm, but the sadness still lingered. He cursed Tom silently for ruining a perfectly good day as he made his way towards the hall, Gwen in tow.

Ten minutes into the drive, Gwen wanted to smack JT on the back and ask him to slow down. They were zipping along the winding roads, and she wanted a minute to look around but, everything was a blur. It didn't help that JT forced her to wear his helmet. It was clearly too large for her, and half her eyesight had been blocked because of that darned thing! She was grateful that he'd thought of her safety above his. Still, it was cumbersome. Plus, eeecchh, helmet hair! Oh, who was she kidding? All these years of living in wet and cold London, her hair was perpetually limp and stringy. There was no changing that! She sighed and hung on tighter.

He was perfectly in control, sure. Nonetheless, he was being reckless driving at such speed. She had remembered seeing road signs during her earlier walks and bus rides, stating max speed limits for big vehicles and light cars. She never recalled a bike speed limit. Perhaps that was common here? She shuddered at the thought. On some level, she understood though. Hot blooded males and their constant need for that adrenalin rush. She smacked him anyway. He deserved it for forgetting she was sitting pillion and that she didn't need the adrenalin rush… not after the mid-morning incident!

He laughed and sped up some more. There was no question of a conversation. She was certain the wind would carry their voices in all directions other than their ears. So, she did what she could. She hung on tighter, burrowing her face in JT's back and closing her eyes tightly. She thought she heard him say chicken but she couldn't be sure.

Oh … I'll get you for this JT, she swore and began plotting her revenge.

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