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   Chapter 13 Two Men, Two Lucks

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JT awoke, surprised to see Gwen had already risen. He had figured her as a late riser. Before his mind could wander, the smell of coffee wafted through the house and JT found his feet shuffling the rest of him to the kitchen. Still alone, he grabbed a cup, poured some coffee and sat down to wait.

He could smell her well before her soft frame filled the doorway. JT suppressed the urge to close his eyes and inhale deeply. The unusual blend of something fruity with something spicy swirled around him tempting him to revel in the complex but attractive smell that was Gwen. To help fight off the urge, he stared at her wet hair. What could be appealing about stringy damp hair right?


His eyes focused on a single drop of water that hung delicately from a lock. Colors from the light danced brightly with each step that she took. He watched transfixed as the drop slid purposefully down her slender neck to the dip in her collarbones and onwards to sweeter softer spots.

Oh, how he wished he could swap places with the soft cotton dress that greedily absorbed the water droplet. After spending the night squished between the wall and Gwen in the limited space that was the mattress, he was almost at breaking point. This was the hardest night that he had had to endure. JT had found Gwen attractive right from the beginning. There was no denying it. But he hardly knew her, and he was wary of stepping into a relationship with a high potential of heartbreak. How often had he told himself that he would learn more about her before investing his heart? Of course, no amount of logic could stop emotions from being, well, emotions. This very minute was one such case in point. His head argued terribly with his heart. Was she ready for something more from him? Did she find him attractive? Was the night as torturous for her as it was for him? Even if she were ready for a relationship, did his feelings for her go deeper than just an attraction? Could he be in love with her? She was the prettiest thing he had ever set his eyes on. Gentle yet bold. Afraid yet surprisingly courageous. Delicate but unbreakable.

Physical attraction doesn't result in concern. So what had driven JT to worry when he had received that call from Gwen? It wasn't the thought of her pretty legs or her soft lips. So he must have some deeper feelings for her, right?

As she padded past him, her intoxicating smell called to JT like a siren to a seaman. It was irresistible! He chanted in his head, Don't give in! Don't close your eyes! Don't inhale! Be cool… be cool… be cool. Be … Hey.. What!

Did he just see what he thought he saw? No – no – no – it couldn't have been. His mind was playing tricks on him. This was just too easy to be true.

JT's eyes sought out her lips before she walked out of his sight. It was there! He hadn't imagined it. Dogonne it! There was just a hint of a smirk on her lips. She knew what she was doing to him and relishing the effect it had on him! As she passed by, her hips sashayed just a little bit more than usual, pulling that tight night shirt up just a wee bit higher.

That sweet temptress! He knew how he felt even with his doubts. And now there was no mistaking her intentions. With no reason to go on pretending, JT did what he had been dying to do. He closed his eyes and breathed in, deeply. He never imagined surrendering to feel so ... right!


oard and connecting with its intended target, and the conversation picked up again.

"Did you notice the new residential project coming up?"

"The studio apartment ones or the two bedroom ones?" Aalam inquired.

"The studio apartments. It seems you know already."

Aalam smiled and placed the striker on the board.

"You should really look into it. You might find something to tie you down."

Aalam laughed. "Tie me down to what and for what Daju?"

"A girl perhaps? I know Mrs. Singh is looking for a match for her daughter. She's 25 now you know. And still unmarried." Tut-Tut's followed as Daju shook his head unapprovingly.

"Perhaps next year?" Aalam replied not wanting the conversation to continue. He disliked this match-fixing business, but it seemed to be the one thing – other than gossip – that kept the old folk occupied during their long empty days. An unwed girl so close to spinsterhood was everyone's business. For a minute, he pitied the poor girl. For Aalam to be unmarried at his age, and with his occupation, he made for quite an eligible bachelor. He was hounded yes, but not in an unpleasant way. The girl, however, wouldn't have it quite so easy. Not only would she be pressured into finding a husband, the longer she waited, the worse her prospects would become. Desperate parents would seek older men, divorcees or widowers for their daughter. The older women in her life would also continuously whisper among themselves about what was wrong with the girl.

The old man licked his lips thoughtfully. Perhaps thinking of an argument to follow Aalam's response. Not wanting to give him the opportunity, Aalam pulled out a picture from his pocket and placed it in the center of the board.

Daju cocked his head surveying the picture.

"I need some of your boys to follow him around. His name is Tom. He's shacked up at the TRH on Mall Road."


"You could say that, " Aalam replied.


Aalam shook his head and put down a wad of money. "This is personal."

A little boy, no more than 12, came scurrying up the street, a metal kettle in one hand and a wire frame with four glasses neatly settled in the other.

"Ahh just in time, " the old man said. "Tea with business?" he offered Aalam.

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