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   Chapter 10 Discovery

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My name? How on earth? Or more like what on earth?

Unsure if I had imagined it, I reached out to grab the weeds. The dark skies, howling winds, and hulking shadows from humongous trees made the setting for this discovery so very clichéd. Like a horror movie script that had gone overboard. Regardless, I couldn't help the constant pounding of my heart and my erratic breathing. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath, I tried steading my nerves. All that was achieved was the quick flash from several scenes where nasty things pounced on unsuspecting victims in the dark. As my fingers curled around the weeds, the slickness from the rain that coated each stem and leaf, felt unusually cold to my fingers and served to extract a shudder from me.

Shaking my head with hopes of dislodging eerie thoughts, I yanked. After the downpour of the century, it wasn't odd when the roots quietly released their clutch on their lifeline. Rising above ground with no resistance, they embraced their end with a certain grace and humility. Almost as if they had known all along that this very moment would be their last.

At that moment, I was grateful for the clouds. Shriveled from the downpour, they parted easily when the wind nudged them. A thin mist was all that was left. At that moment, the evening was no longer gloomy or frightening. It was exquisite. The mist stood dark against the paleness of the moon; like lace on a silk gown. The mist mystified and intensified; it glimmered and shone; transcending the magnificence of the star peppered night sky.

The inscription on the tombstone brought me back from my reverie with a jolt.

Sacred to the memory


Gwen Wood

Who departed this life

On the 8th day of June 1871.

Aged 25 years and 7 months.

After about a second or so, I found myself physically shaking from the effort to control the hysterics that threatened to overtake me. I couldn't believe how silly I was being! So the person buried here shared the first name as me. How did I get from there to the conclusion that something supernatural was at play here?

Like really? Pssh!

I was still giggling when ominous clouds raced back overhead threatening to douse out the moon. Moments later, they crashed into each other releasing a deafening roar. As the wind picked up speed, my stringy wet hair whipped around my face; their tips harshly stinging my

les in the dirt, and the end of the box was nowhere near. Curiosity was getting the better of me, I got on my knees and dug furiously.

Ten minutes later, I sat back down. A box… I had unearthed a huge box! A metal box in an old cemetery. Given the eerie setting, I first thought I had unearned a grave. Perhaps this was a makeshift coffin with ashes and personal belongings? And then my mind went off on a tangent. Maybe this was buried treasure? I rolled my eyes at my stupidity.

Treasure? Really? Was that the best I could come up with?

Having had enough of the night, I decided whatever was in the box could wait for discovery till morning; when it was warm and safe and free of terrifying loneliness. I was headed home, and nothing could stop me – no more wind, rain, dark skies, thunder or lightning.

Getting on my haunches, I lifted the box and found myself surprised at its rather emptiness. It wasn't heavy at all! At least that removed chances of this being a grisly grave. I laughed at myself again.

It took a while and a lot of grunting and groaning on my part to make it uphill with the box. The slippery path, loose plants, darkness and of course, the fact that I couldn't use both my hands made the climb tedious and painstakingly slow.

Once home, I gently laid the box by the door and headed to the bathroom. Whatever mess I was making on my squeaky clean floors could also wait till morning. Exhausted, sore from all the bashing I had taken and cold to the bone, my mind focused on only one thing… a tub of hot water with bubbles… lots and lots of bubbles!

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