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   Chapter 35 Q&A

Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 4534

Updated: 2018-09-21 18:07

Author: In this Q&A session, the protagonists of this story and my upcoming story, Reborn as a Sea Nymph, are invited. Let's welcome Liana and Ianthe!

Q: What's your name?

L: Queen Liana of Arerin.

Author: Wow that's certainly an improvement from the last time you answered this question! Glad you finally accept your role as Queen!

I: Violet... eh... no... Ianthe.

Author: Interesting, someone who isn't certain of her name again!

I: Well it depends on whether you want to know my modern name or the name after my transmigration.

Q: How old are you?

L: That's quite a tricky question. Does one include the years before one's rebirth? Now I am twenty.

I: Well... I was a university student before I transmigrated into this world. And then the age turns messy. Just don't calculate the age! Residents of the underwater Kingdom never age anyway! Look at Princess Cordelia and Lord Valentine! They're still arguing over the same thing for one hundred years!

Author: No idea age is a tricky question for both of my protagonists.

Q: If you have to describe yourself with three adjectives, what would they be?

L: This again?

Author: Well maybe you can talk about how you have changed. Your past answers were 'Sensitive, introverted and sensible.'

L: I think I am still introverted and sensible. If I don't have those qualiti

member you're all in the same world ;) Ianthe has appeared in your story and so will you! Can readers spot out Ianthe?

L: We're not living in the same kingdom!

I: Well... I am travelling around the world?

L: Defeated... I need chocolate.

Sebastian: There is a box in your room.

Author: Liana and Sebastian will have their own happily ever after. Ianthe's story is out now! Here is the synopsis:

{Sassy university student turned Sea Nymph VS Mild-mannered powerful Royal Sorcerer

Ianthe: "What do you mean by saying I was a pearl oyster spirit? Why does that sound familiar? Isn't Ianthe the ladies' maid (side character) who dies before the last chapter in the novel I read? I have to avoid dying no matter what! Hey this gentleman with silver hair do you need a maid?"

Follow Ianthe's life to avoid her inevitable death as a side character while studying to be a top sorceress!}

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