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   Chapter 34 Bonus chapter- Snapshot

Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 4826

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Sebastian raised his eyebrow in surprise, a glimmer of shock passed through his eyes.

"There seems to be a mistake, Liana."

"Have you ever heard of a saying that said never in a life told a woman that she had made a mistake?" I looked at him with challenge in my eyes.

Sebastian lowered his eyes and read through the bill I gave him once again. No doubt trying to find out the 'mistake' I made.

I chuckled internally. You're not going to find it.

"Is there something special about this ball? I don't remember us ever spending this much on a ball." Sebastian looked genuinely confused.

"Oh, it's because this is a Zehan style ball. I really admire their style of ball." I nodded enthusiastically.

Who won't be? The dazzling crystals and diamonds hanging all over the places. The rich velvet covering the floor. The golden statues and valuable vases decorating the room.

The confused look cleared from his face, understanding took its place.

"I see." He handed me the bill without taking another glance. "Go on with it."

He agreed? I stared in surprise. It's such a lavish ball and so much will be spent arranging such a ball. Sebastian would never agree with something like this in his previous life. I handed over this 'fake' bill, just to tease and prank him a bit. He agreed with such lavish planning?

"Liana, you have something else to say?"

"But... this bill is extortionate! The amount is ridiculous! How ca

he seemed to be thinking back into some old memories.

"I think I like it more than the sea." I smile. "I also like your smile, but you seldom smile."

The question took me by surprise, so I didn't think before answering. Now thinking back to my reply, I wanted to hide in a hole underground. Please earth open up a hole for me!

"I'm not going to let you run away this time." Sebastian slid his hand into mine and held on firmly.

Why did he know I was planning to run away?

I tried to bury my face in the hand not held by Sebastian.

"Don't be embarrassed." He gently stroked my hair. "I am happy. Thank you, Liana."

I looked up just in time to see his indulging and sweet smile. Just for me.

For reasons unknown to me, tears started to drop. One. Two. Three...

He brushed away my tears and kissed me on the forehead.

"I am happy, Liana. Are you?"

I replied by hugging him.

{I wish you happiness.

Have a sweet dream, Liana.}

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