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   Chapter 30 Bonus chapter-Sebastian POV I

Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 3644

Updated: 2018-09-03 23:32

Sebastian POV

"Look! My sandcastle!" The tiny girl in front of me said as she tugged at her dress with one hand and pointed at her artwork with the other.

I looked at the sandcastle she made. It could not even be called a sand dune, it's just a lump of sand.

"Do you like it?" she smiled shyly.

"This is not sandcastle, " I told her the truth.

"This is not? You don't like it?" She seemed to look lost and frightened.

Why? Was I being too harsh? I did not know how to talk to little girls. No matter what I said, I'd upset them in the end. Like my cousin and the girl in front of me, my fiancee.

"The gate... is here." Her voice shook a bit and she looked at me with watery eyes. "The... moot?"

"Moat, " I supplemented.

"I'm sorry." She lowered her head in defeat.

"Stupid son! What are you doing? You scare little Liana with your serious face. Smile!" Words formed on the sand in front of me, Mother's power. Mother was angry.

Smile? Would that work? Smile, how did one do so? I tried tipping the corners of my mouth upward.

Liana stared at me, blinking he

gave her a small smile in return.

"Sebastian, you look beautiful when you smile. Like a fairy prince in the story!"

"I am a prince."

She tilted her head as if she could not connect me with the word prince.

"But princes in storybooks smile."

"Not all princes are like that."

"But... I like your smile. Very much." She made the same gesture as she had when she said she liked the sea.

For some reason, I asked a foolish question without thinking. "As much as the sea?"

"Umm..." she seemed to be in deep thinking. "I think I like your smile even more than the sea." She gave me a shy smile and ran away before I could say something in return.

I chuckled. What a strange girl. But I did not detest her.

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