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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 3169

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21st July, XXXX

Another year of travelling around the continent. I spent a couple of months with my family in Arerin. While I travel, a certain someone always follows.

"Your majesty, please go back and work!"

"Want a drink?" He offered me a cup of juice which this tropical city is famous for.

"Your majesty, this is getting ridiculous. What king treks the continent like some explorer? Kings are supposed to stay on their throne! And what if someone kicks you off the throne while you're following me around? You don't have an extra ounce of power left to reverse time! I can't help you anymore!"

"Father will ensure that won't happen."

I stared at him and sighed. "King Louis will hate me for this."

"He won't."

I eyed him suspiciously. King Louis' wish for retirement was a well-known fact.

"It would be great if there are ice cubes in this juice." The sun was beating straight on my head. My head could fry an egg at thi

and elegant as all the past pieces.

"Sorted the puzzle yet?"

Thinking back to the object I had assembled with the pieces he gave me throughout the years.

I refused to look at him and began tugging my dress.

"So you have." His hand captured mine and said, "Stop tugging. You do that whenever you're nervous. What's your reply?"

Was that a hint of nervousness I captured?

"I am still not talking to you." I continued walking, but I did not shake away his hand.

With a smile, Sebastian followed me to wherever I was dragging him.

And our future will be as sparkling as his gift for me, a crown for his Queen.

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