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17th August, XXXX

After the talk under the star, Sebastian is back to the usual Sebastian.

By usual, I do not mean the following me around part.

He followed me when I was out browsing the market. He followed me into the book shop. He followed me into a boutique. Finally when he wished to follow me when I went to a friend's tiny tea party, I had had enough.

"Your majesty, don't you have to work?"

He shrugged again, like country matters were no big deal.

"Don't shrug at me! You were a workaholic back then! What has happened? I am so worried about Arerin whenever you appear in front of me! I don't want to be the bad witch who leads Arerin to downfall because the King is chasing after me!"

A spark appeared in his eyes. A teasing smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

"I am chasing after you. That's a fact."

"Sebastian, I am really worried about Arerin. In this past year, I am sure you're not in Arerin for more than half a year!"

Sebastian gave me a quick tap on my forehead and a teasing smile.

"The matters I have to deal with are completely the same as our previous life."

So... he already knew the solutions to everything. That's why he had so many spare time.

"Anyway, don't follow me everywhere!"

"I did not spend enough time with you in the past."

I widened my eyes in surprise. So that's why he was following me around. A bitter smile appeared on my face.

"But it's too late now."

I turned and walked away. But he was still following me.

"Sebastian, I am going to Lady Beatrice's home. For a tea party. Boys not invited."

"I know."

"Then why are you still..." Sebastian grabbed me and pushed me back behind him.

A sword pierced through his body. Then Sebastian coughed out blood.

I froze.

That's not happening. Where were the guards?

I looked up and saw Lucien and Felicity being surrounded by Sebastian's royal guards. Why were they still here? Why couldn't the guards discover them before it's too lat

I have mastered since I was four.

When I opened my eyes, the two of us were standing on the pavement. Just like 3 minutes ago, before everything had happened. I started to cough.

Sebastian rushed forward and took out his sword. Within seconds, the Lucien who planned for a surprise attack was lying on the floor. Felicity once again seemed to be drifting in a dream like state.

When everything was under control, Sebastian turned and looked at me meaningfully. He seemed to be waiting for something. What?

He walked towards me and helped to soothe my coughing. He then whispered in my ears, "Your command, my Queen?"


"Weren't you giving commands like a Queen just now? Only the King and the Queen can order the royal guards around." A small smile hang on his face, like a devil giving out invitation.

So that's what "Your majesty' and his smile was about.

As if I will step into this trap. I turned my head away from him and stomped away.

"Don't follow me."

"You asked me not to break my promise. I am spending time with you."

"When did I say that? I don't remember."

"As long as I remember, that's enough."

"I am going to a tea party. Boys not invited."

"They will, if you are king."

"That's cheating."

And the sun is shining, not a single drop of rain from the sky.

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