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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 5319

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13th August, XXXX

It's been more than a year since I left Arerin. I have been travelling the world this whole time.

But at the same time, Sebastian seems to be following me around the continent. I confronted him about that, but he said he was just paying visit to his neighboring countries. All very innocent, nothing suspicious. As for meeting me, it's all just 'coincidence'.

If it's all coincidence, then why does he bring me a gift every single time he meets me? The gifts are still the small pieces of jewelry that look like a part of something bigger. A trinket with a mirror on the night of the Night Market, another piece embedded with stones that have the same shade of pink as the petals of the flowers I was viewing. Under the trees with glowing red leaves, he gave me a piece with a huge ruby...

Now that I think of it, I feel like I am travelling around the continent with Sebastian, but not by myself. In every single famous attraction site in every country, it's filled with memories of Sebastian and I.

I gave up confronting him when I met him frequent enough. Once I finally asked him if Arerin was alright with a King that went missing every few weeks. He shrugged in reply, as if I was asking a stupid question. Maybe our country is falling to parts because of a lazy King.

As for the pieces of jewelries he kept giving me, I tried assembling it, but it's very apparent something is missing. I guess the final product will form something circular. But what? A necklace?

"Liana. Found anything interesting yet?" Sebastian walked towards me and placed his co



I looked up. His eyes were the color of ice blue. But at that moment, the shards of ice seem to melt a bit. His emotions were no longer guarded behind a wall of ice. Guilt and sorrow could be seen.

"Liana, I am sorry. I am sorry for not being able to protect you. I am sorry for abandoning you in your room by yourself. I know you were unhappy and alone, but I did not rescue you. It's all my fault. I thought I could solve everything before it's too late. I thought I still... I still had the time to cheer you up and stay by your side after everything was resolved. I am so sorry, Liana. Forgive me." He was hugging me. His head on my shoulder. He hugged me tighter and tighter with every apology he uttered.

If only he hugged me once when I needed someone to save me from my depression in my previous life. Would I be less broken now?

I snuggled closer. In the end, I still yearned for his warmth. Even though the warmth I was yearning for came a life time too late.

And the stars were shining brightly above our head.

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