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31st December, XXXX

The anticipated Night Market has arrived. When we arrived at the entrance on a carriage, Sally and I put on our masks.

The masks were lighter than the ones we had during the ball. They were made of laces and other light materials.

We flew from one stall to another. Paper birds that sang in their paper cages. Artworks that talked to passerby. Paper flowers that never withered but forever fragrant...

We entered a magical yet beautiful world.

When we were waiting for our snacks, we encountered the girl who I met in the masquerade ball.

"What a coincidence, " she exclaimed.

"Are you waiting for your friend again?" I asked. She was alone again like that time at the ball.

"I am waiting for my lady, " she replied politely with a smile.

If she was a servant, then her lady must be very rich. She was wearing a silk dress and pearls were used as decoration in her hair. A pearl necklace hung on her neck. Sally must have realized that as well.

"May I be honored to know your lady's name? I might know her, " Sally asked curiously.

"My lady is from a foreign country." She smiled mysteriously.

"A foreign country. I am currently considering where I should next travel to. May I know the name of the country?" I joined in.

"It's rather far away. Really far." Again she smiled mysteriously. "But it's such fate we meet again. Oh! What's more is that I saw that gentleman you danced with over there!"

I froze. "Are you sure?"

"Quite sure. He is wearing the same mask."

Why is he here?

No matter

nt. Our engagement has ended!"

Had Sebastian been hit on the head?

"That's not contradictory."


"Liana! Here you are! Oh... who..." Sally came to rescue me!

"I am leaving Zehan tomorrow. See you next time." Sebastian gave me a nod and began to walk away.

I had to stop him. And why did he know where I was? Was it mother?

"There is no next time! Don't you dare follow me. That's stalking."

"I did not stalk you, it's just logical deduction. Lady Cain was seen using a brand new hat from Zehan. And your aunt is living here."

It was Mother!!! Even though she did not plan to betray me, her souvenirs betrayed her!

"See you next time, Liana." He walked away.

"Liana! Who is that guy? He seems pretty familiar with you!"

I sighed. What's happening? What did he want? I felt like fainting.


"That guy is His majesty, King Sebastian. My former fiance. My supposed mysterious suitor."

Just what did he want? Was betraying me not enough?

As I said, Princes (and Kings) were weird.

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