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28th December, XXXX

I grilled Sally about her whereabouts when I finally met her at the ball a few hours later. She said she was detained in the 'queue' waiting to greet the prince. She was accompanying her diplomat father, but the prince was nowhere to be found. When her father finally gave her permission to leave, she could not find me next to the statue.

She did not seem to be lying to me and I believed her. If even my best friend lies to me, I don't know who to trust. Then my life would truly be pathetic.

When I told Aunt about the piece of jewel from the mysterious guy. She seemed extremely excited and happy that I had a 'mysterious suitor'. In the next few days, she tried to subtly brainwash me into believing 'there are many gentlemen that suit you in Zehan', 'living in Zehan is much more fun than in Arerin', 'Zehan boys are so well-mannered, look at your uncle and cousins'...

From her words, she did not think that's Sebastian, but a Zehan noble. So I believed she was not part of Sebastian's mysterious plan. She was so excited and kept talking about Zehan and the gentlemen in Zehan.

Was that really Sebastian? I decided to not give any further thought. I just hope Sebastian would stop eng

is silly rumor aside from 5 years old kid? And it's very evidently just a way to boost sales."

"Of course, but many people still believe that! They said the artist that made those mirrors had the power to bless people! That's why only a few Mirrors of Hearts are made each year. The artist only sells them to couples she deems she is destined to bless."

"Wow. Then the mirror must be very expensive. What a way to sell her product. Really clever."

"Liana, don't be so practical! It's romantic!"

"Uh-huh. But why are we talking about mirrors? It has nothing to do with us!"

"Oh right. Let's talk about the food! And must buy items!"

By just discussing the Night Market, I felt excited already. Sally and I had already prepared masks for that day. I absolutely cannot wait for Night Market to come.

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