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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 6350

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21st December, XXXX

Early this morning, Sally sent me a few pretty masks. I chose one that looked subdued yet elegant.

The mask was made of dark blue velvet. A few gemstones lined the edge. I wore a matching dark blue gown.

"Liana, you look beautiful, " Aunt Briana praised after giving me a glance.

"Aunt Briana, you look stunning. I really like the color of your mask. And the feathers! So many different hues of red!"

"Thank you, dear. You should have told me you're interested in joining us earlier! Then I could ask the master that made my mask to make you one as well. Living in Zehan means paying a lot for masks. We are crazy for pretty masks."

"I knew Zehan has a famous Mask Festival, I am looking forward to it! I just did not realize even a Prince's birthday party is in the form of masquerade ball."

"Oh, our prince just loves excitement. A very energetic young man, the prince. Always loves a good party."

"I see. I am sure his birthday party must be spectacular then."

"Exactly. You'll see. What an energetic man, our prince. Let's get going, Liana. You don't want to miss the sight. The prince invited quite a few guests. Some said even that King Leonard's son was coming!"


The party certainly was spectacular. It was the most luxurious and opulent party I have the honor to attend. Pearls and diamonds were hanging on the trees, on the drapes. Flutes for champagnes were made from the best crystals, tiny diamonds adorned the surfaces. No wonder Sally said our parties were stiff and boring.

Arerin's royal balls on comparison are on a super tight budget. Sebastian will first freeze the bill and shoot ice darts at me if I propose hosting a ball like this. I chuckled at this thought.

Wait... what was I thinking?

Sally said she would come find me and told me to stand next to the sculpture of the prince. (She said there was alwa


I really had to stop.

"Do you have a sore throat?" I asked.

He nodded. He then gestured and asked for a dance.

I hesitated. I was waiting for Sally. But who knew where Sally had gone too? It's just social dancing. It would be weird if I turned him down without a legit reason. I agreed.

But why did he dance like Sebastian as well? That same precise movement. He was the same height as Sebastian too. One or two trait might be a coincidence. But everything?

I narrowed my eyes. Yes, it might be another person who had the same height, hair color, eye color as Sebastian. But he even had the same habit as Sebastian when he was dancing.

Suspicion built inside me. But who cared if he was Sebastian or not? We had decided to go our separate ways. I would just treat him as a stranger.

I retrieved my hand immediately after the dance ended, gave him a polite curtsy and walked away.

He caught my hand before I could walk away and placed a box in my hand. He gave me a nod and walked away briskly.

I opened the box and found a piece of jewel inside it. I had to return it. But no matter where I searched. I could not find him. He was gone.

If he was a random stranger, why did he do that?

If he was Sebastian... how should I react?

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