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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 3360

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20th December, XXXX

I arrived in Zehan after a week. My aunt gave me a warm welcome.

Then I began my days of shopping and sightseeing with Sally. True to her words, Sally really knew Zehan well.

"Of course! I have been living here for two years already!" Sally responded with her head held up. This would be a stunning sight with her shiny honey blond hair, straight nose and emerald green eyes if half of her was not drenched in mud.

I was standing next to her when the mud ball hit us, so I was also drenched in mud.

"I really admire your knowledge of Zehan, Sally. I really do. But a mud fighting festival. Really? Do you think I would enjoy this?"

"I do." Sally nodded her head solemnly. "Come on, Liana, it's fun! Are you sure you aren't tempted to throw a mud ball back at those who hit you?"

"Very tempted, " I replied with clenched teeth. "I am also very tempted to throw a thousand mud balls at the girl who brought me here."

"Why? I introduced you to such a fun festival!" S

Think of the desserts! They held a competition this year. The winner is in charge of the food and desserts! And it's a Zehan ball. You can't say you have been to Zehan without attending one of their balls! It's totally different. Arerin's ones are always so stiff and boring."

"Fine." I am slightly tempted myself after all of her persuasion.

"Yay! We're going to have so much fun! I'll help you prepare the mask! So you just have to dress up prettily!"

You said we're gonna have so much fun today too, but look at our appearance now. Wait...


"Yes! This is a masquerade ball!"

Now I am even more tempted. Who can say no to a masquerade ball?

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