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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 3950

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10th November, XXXX

Pinkish flowers, red flaming leaves, pearly green sea... I want to see this world.

I am lost and confused, I want to find Liana Cain back. I need some time alone seeing the world and when I return, maybe I will become a more mature and stronger self. I realized I am just a sheltered girl all along, living under the wings of my family and the the wings of Sebastian.

I decided to go travelling. Leave Arerin.

Since I am such a rich lady now (no matter what I said, Sebastian was determined to give me his fortune), travelling around the world isn't a problem. And as a distinguished and educated lady, of course I would not run away from home and go travelling by myself like some of the heroines in novels.

I told my family about my wish and they are all very understanding. Probably due to the fact that they misunderstand. They thought I was deeply hurt by Sebastian who betrayed me or maybe even cheated on me. They believed I wanted to leave the country to avoid Sebastian.

I didn't correct them. Sebastian did betray me, just not what they were thinking. Go take that Sebastian! My tiny revenge before I leave.

My family organized everyt

fended. "I thought you were a good daughter!"

I winked. "My purse is more important."

Departure is nearing. One moment we were joking around, the next tears seemed to well in my mother's eyes as well as mine.

With a gentle pat on my face, Mother said, "It's good to see you more energetic, Liana. Have fun and don't forget to..."

"Buy you Madam Hathaway's hat, Edehan royal jeweler necklace..."

"Well yes, one cannot forget those shiny things. But also don't forget to write back home, my dear daughter. Your family is always here for you. Whenever you miss home, you can always come back. We're waiting for you."

I tried to hold back a sob, but I could not.

I gave my mother a warm hug. And with the blessing of my family, I set off.

A new journey, a new start.

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