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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 4703

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5th September, XXXX

"Liana, dear! You must be worried sick!" Mother rushed to my side and gave me a huge hug.

Mother and my brothers then started to praise Sebastian. How smart he was... what a nice trick he pulled on the traitor... how well he treated the whole family... They were all beaming with pride. As if Sebastian was their family instead of me.

King Louis and Father were also laughing heartily and once again showering Sebastian with praises.

King Louis said, "I don't plan to stay on the throne any longer. Do you think being a King is easy? So many paperwork! Sebastian, you continue to do what you're doing. Don't you dare dragging me back on the throne!"

"Someone wants to get onto the throne no matter what and yet you wish to get off it, " Father piqued.

"I have had my fair deal of 'your majesties', it's now Sebastian's turn. I have a great retire plan in front of me. By the way, it's time your daughter and my son get married. It's even harder to be a King without his Queen." King Louis winked.

"Wedding!" With just this magic word, Mother's eyes sparkled. You could see the gears in her tiny head turning, no doubt already finished planning our wedding and already moving onto the (not going to happen) baby shower's party. "Yes! What kind of wedding do you want Liana?"

"Nothing, " I replied.

"No... what? Don't be silly, how can you not have a wedding? It's t

e those things."

"Those things are yours. Whether if you marry me or not, they are yours, Liana." Sebastian looked straight at me in the eyes without wavering. I looked at my reflection in his eyes.

That's when it hit me, it has been a long time since I looked straight in the eyes at Sebastian. I even forgot what shade of blue his eyes are.

From the time gossips started circulating? Or even before that? Why did I start avoiding his eyes? Because I knew his gaze would be as cold as the winter breeze? Because I knew he would be disappointed in me, his Queen who only brought misfortune? Or was it simply because I lost confidence in myself? I simply no longer wanted to see the timid girl reflected in his eyes.

Where has Liana Cain gone?

"Liana." A corner of Sebastian mouth quirked up, with a quick pat on my head, he whispered, "Be happy."

Then he was gone from the room. Gone from my life.

Goodbye Sebastian.

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