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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 4001

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4th September, XXXX

I went back to my room after the reveal yesterday. I did not talk to Sebastian. Out of the corner of my eyes, I knew he wished to talk to me. But I did not even give him a chance.

I knew he had a lot of things to handle. Aren't I a good and considerate fiancee?

He was setting his trap, but he did not even tell me. He has never trusted me one bit.

Isn't relationship about communication and trust? We fail in that criteria over and over again.

Communication between us is basically non-existent. Now that I think of it the faults go both ways. He does not talk and just assumes I understand him. I get discouraged by the silence and hide in my own shell.

If only either of us has reached out at that time. But there are no ifs. Life goes on. Things that are missed are missed.


"Your family was not killed. They are still alive, " Sebastian explained in his usual emotionless face.

"I know." I buried myself deeper into the armchair I was sitting and looked out of the drapes free window.

If the things that happened yesterday were all a trap, that means Sebastian has planned that from the start. From the time he said it's hunting

ry and... sad. Sad about my pathetic life. Annoyed and angry with myself because I know there is still a part of me that likes him.

I am tired.

"I am not feeling very well. Maybe I'll take my dinner in my room, your majesty."

I did not feel normal, my feelings were in a turmoil. I need some time away from Sebastian to sort everything out. I need to sort out all my conflicting feelings. My feelings for him.

"Is it the repercussion from yesterday? Do you need a healer?"

He sounded worried.

Stop fantasizing, Liana.

"No. The potion helps soothe the repercussion. I am just shocked and tired from all the reveal, your majesty."

Sebastian looked at me like he does not trust me one bit. Finally he said, "Please take some rest. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

No you won't.

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