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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 9400

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2nd September, XXXX

Something interesting... That's something interesting indeed.

When I entered the throne room. Lord Bentley was there too.

Sebastian was sitting on the throne. When he saw me, he stood up and led me to the throne next to his, the Queen's throne. He motioned me to sit down.

"It's the Queen's throne. I am not your Queen."

"You are, " he replied.

"I am not."

"You are." As if tired of arguing with me, he placed his hand on my elbow and ushered me to sit down.

I did not even bother to fight him.

I was sitting on the throne. It's been a long time. The last time I sat there, I died.

"Your majesty, is there a reason why I summoned?" Lord Bentley asked reverently. He sneaked a peak at me, the lady who is not the Queen sitting on the Queen's throne.

"What do you think, Lord Bentley?"

"Your majesty?"

"You'll know in a while." Sebastian gave him a lazy smile.

Lord Bentley froze, apparently surprised by the fact that Sebastian smiled.

That was when footsteps rang outside the huge mahogany door. The door pushed open.

"Sebastian! Arerin is now mine!" The former prince known as Lucien shouted.

"Is it?" Sebastian asked with his emotionless voice.

"Don't you understand? You fool! And people always praise you. Said you were a perfect prince and I needed to learn from you. Ha. What nonsense. See how I beat you! This kingdom is now mine!"

"Is it?" Sebastian reiterated as if he was entertaining a lunatic. Maybe he was.

"Of course! Bentley here took over the castle. Good job, Bentley. You worked quicker than planned. Where are your guards, Sebastian? Where are your servants? Anyone coming to protect you? Their king? They all ran away! Felicity and I walked in here without anyone stopping me. This castle isn't what I'm used to, not enough gold. But I'll see to that."

What was this stupid prince saying? Lord Bentley looked even paler than before. He started to tremble, his forehead peppered with sweat.

"That's not true, your majesty. I... I don't know this guy!"

"No one is asking you, Lord Bentley, " Sebastian replied in a clipped tone. Like this whole farce had nothing to do with him. Like Lucien was not making claims to his kingdom.

Lord Bentley trembled more vigorously at Sebastian's words.

Lucien eyed Lord Bentley like an idiot and rolled his eyes. "Bentley, you don't have to act in front of this failure. We have succeeded! I'll be King in a second and you who have helped me this much, will be the Duke. Felicity, dear, you will be Queen. That beautiful throne is yours."

Felicity smiled demurely and fluttered her eyelashes.

I wanted to throw up. The thought of that girl sitting on the Queen's throne disgusted me.

Did Sebastian invite me here just to see history repeats itself? No, that did

sent the potion into Felicity's mouth. As if she was drinking something in her dream at that moment, Felicity opened her mouth when the potion flew closed to her mouth.

Sebastian pointed at Felicity and said. "Liana, you have taken revenge. They were the killers who murder your family. You wanted me to find out the truth, I did." He smiled at me. Not the usual predator like smile, but a more boyish kind. He looked like a child waiting to be praised.


So... my family was really killed by those guys?I had my suspicions. Wasn't burning our country into ashes enough? Why did they have to kill off my entire family? Why just my family alone?

I suppressed the cough building up at the back of my throat.

"Liana, there is a bottle behind your throne, take that. It'll soothe your cough."

There was really a bottle of medicine. The same one Sebastian sent me when I suffered from repercussion.

"What did you make Felicity drink! You devils!" Lucien shouted. He struggled. He was already shackled and held by the guards. The shackles were charmed, no one can use their powers in those.

The guards quickly shackled Felicity as well.

"Black Prison."

"How dare you!"

"Why can't I? She is a criminal. And not one kingdom wants an embodiment of luck walking around. Who knows when she suddenly wish to take away their throne, their country? Assassinating King Louis, murdering my fiancee's family for finding out the truth, trying to overthrow the King. Each and every thing you did granted you and your wife death. Since you're the prince of Edehan, I will write to Edehan and see if they want to get you back. That's my leniency."

"How dare you! I'm just trying to take back what is rightfully mine!"

"Arerin is not rightfully yours. No one owes you anything. Take them to the dungeon."

Today is certainly a very entertaining day.

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