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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 2556

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25th August, XXXX

Someone knocked on the door early this morning.

Maybe it's not morning, maybe it's afternoon.

Heavy drapes cover the window.

It's Sebastian.

When I saw him, I closed my eyes.

My heart has died.

No hatred, no love, no sorrow, no guilt. Nothing.

"Liana, " he called.

He must have noticed my abnormality. I did not shout. I did not hit him. I had no response.

He didn't know yet my heart has withered. All because of him. And my own stupidity.

He sit on the edge of my bed. Placed his hands on my shoulder and gently shook me. He thought I was sleeping. No, I was not.


I ignored him.

My lack of response and cold limbs must have scared him. He became frantic and started to raise his voice. I scared S

criminals. To remove or dampen their powers.

Why did he give it to me? To remove my own power? I am next to useless. I do not even need Black Prison.

He asked me to bring this to the throne room? Someone there need it? Who? He could have brought it himself.

His last words hit on my withered heart. He asked me to trust him one last time.

Haven't I learned enough?

But what can I lose by going to the throne room?

Maybe I should go and see what interesting thing he is planning to show me.

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