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10th July, XXXX

I have been here for nearly a month. Grand Duchess always goes out to meet her other friends. So I am always left alone. This is a popular retreat location for nobles which is true but it needs an amendment. This island is a popular retreat location for 'older' nobles. There are only two young female nobles that are close to my age on this island. They usually live in the country or here, so I have never met them before.

We became acquaintances.

On some days, such as today, they invite me to their tiny tea gathering. On other days, I stay in my own room and read to my heart's content.

"Liana, if you wish to send out letters, it's better to do it now, " said Beatrice, one of the two ladies I met.

"Why?" I asked, curious.

"I knew it! You didn't know that!" Jane exclaimed.

"It's going to be the monsoon season soon, so there might be a chance we are not able to get in touch with the mainland."

"That's right. Last year the wind was so strong we lost connection with mainland for 3 weeks. Was it 3 weeks?"

"Yes, around a month. But it's alright. Everything stays the same here, we have enough food stored. The ferrying just stops."

"How about wind or water controller? Can't wind or water controller help?" I asked.

"You haven't heard of the legend?"

"Legend has it that this is where the mermaids reside. They have this part of the sea charmed. So our powers cannot affect it. And this may also be a reason why the monsoon affects the sea so much."

"That's quite fascinating. I have never heard of it." Maybe I should buy that Mysteries of Coral Cliff from the b

ruined because of them.

"Lady..." I stopped her with a look. It's really best not to leave an impression. Whatever Felicity wishes, the world gives it to her. That's her power.

"We will let you go this time. Next time you will receive punishment, " Lucien said.

I gave them a nod and walked away.

Who do they think they are? Punishment? You are not the prince of Arerin. You are not even a prince anymore.

When I was far away from them, hiding behind a store. I touched my pendant and used my power.

Soaked them, water. Put them out like the fire I hated so much.

Hearing their screams of surprise. I smiled satisfactory and walked away, trying to push down the desire to cough.

Sebastian must have disapproved if he was here. It is stupid if you take revenge by hurting yourself. Really petty revenge too. But I don't care. I would not be able to forgive myself if I didn't at least do something when I meet the two people who were responsible for our kingdom turning into ashes.

The two people who trapped Sebastian in the castle and burnt him alive.

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