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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 4706

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11th June, XXXX

It has been three days since we have arrived at Coral Cliff. This island is as beautiful as what others said. The sapphire blue sea, the beach, the beautiful estates... No wonder this is a retreat paradise for nobles and the rich. The only misgiving is that it is troublesome to come here. First, one week of carriage ride to the pier and then taking a ferry to the island. The ferry only runs for twice a day.

Tomorrow, Sebastian is going to leave. I still have no idea what business he had all the way here. He did disappear during our first two days here (or maybe I was busy settling down and arranging our trunks, I did not notice him).

Grand Duchess was eyeing him suspiciously during the entire trip (which was hilarious), but she was happy nevertheless. Because she could throw the two of us together. Grand Duchess stays true to being Mother and Queen Henrietta's friend.

Sebastian invited me to walk around the town today. Invite as in "I heard the Coral Beach is an attraction here."

I went with him. This was going to be our last 'date'. I believe when I return, his plan will be near the end. Then our engagement will come to an end. He would no longer be my fiance. I am very satisfied our last date happened in this beautiful place.

We first went to the town square where there are lots of different shops selling different sea-themed souvenirs and snacks.

I w

. Silly me." I laughed. How silly was I to get upset. There is always a simpler way.

"You laughed, " Sebastian said as if surprised.

That's when I realized I haven't laughed in a long time.

A long long time.

I gave him a smile in return.

"Aunt will take care of you."

I looked at him and nodded. It's the end right? He will really be a good king. See he is caring for his soon to be ex-fiancee even now. He knows I'm afraid of fire, so he gave me a charmed pendant full of water.

"I am sure I'll enjoy myself here. I like it here. Maybe I will just stay here from now on, " I said while destroying my failed sandcastle.

That's when Sebastian hugged me. "People will miss you if you stay here forever, " he said in his usual emotionless tone.

Will you?

He pulled me up and before letting go of my hand he whispered, "Trust me."

I looked towards the sinking sun. Tears stung my eyes.

Good bye Sebastian.

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