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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 3376

Updated: 2018-08-06 17:34

8th June, XXXX

You are not a hunter... Does that mean I'm in his way? Or he simply wants to protect me?

After all these, I still do not want to hinder him. I still want to help him. I even risk my entire family to help him. How pathetic. When will you wake up, Liana? Why do you still trust him unconditionally? Is it worth risking your family?

It's no use regretting when I am already on the carriage to Coral Cliff. At the end of the day, I still trust him unconditionally. When he said he would protect my family, I trust him. I left my family and came all the way here. He has resources, it's much better than me hitting around blindly.

(To be quite honest, it's all a lost cause when Mother heard about that. She literally packed my suitcases and pushed me into the carriage.)

And I really doubt there is something Sebastian could not do when he has already set his mind on it. That's why in the end I agreed to (or was forced to) come along.

What I didn't expect was him coming along.


t when he refused to help me find out the truth could never be wiped away. Those feelings will forever be a thorn in my heart.

I don't hate him now, I know he had his reason. The famine, the droughts, the gossips, the traitor... he had his own kingdom to save. But understanding his reasons was one thing, that did not make his betrayal hurt less. I was his wife. He could have promised to help me find out the truth after everything was solved. Not treating my pleading like a joke.

I have a headache just trying to sort out all these mess. We will reach Coral Cliff tomorrow. I heard that the beach and the sea is stunning. I think I need a well deserved holiday.

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