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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 6270

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7th June, XXXX

When I don't want to do something, I have a tendency to push it off. I bought the chocolate, I wrote the thank you note. But I cannot bring myself to go to the castle and give it to Sebastian.

I considered asking Adrian to give it to Sebastian, but that notion was banned by Mother. She said a well mannered lady will not do that. Which is true. That's why I pushed it off until now. A week later.

Today, Mother could no longer bear my uncivilized behavior. She threw me onto a carriage with my box of chocolate and set me off to the castle. I felt like a cattle to be sold.

To be honest, I didn't send a note in advance. I did not think Sebastian will receive me.

He works strictly according to a schedule. Trust me, you don't want to disrupt his schedule.

So it's all an act. The footman would bring me to the drawing room and pretend to notify the prince. But I was sure not one servant would really dare and go notify him. I would have some tea, maybe some delicious cookies by the royal cook. And then I would be sent off as the prince had 'something urgent' to attend to.

That's what I thought, but why didn't things go according to plan? I was so shocked when Sebastian entered the room. I chocked on my cookies.

"I thought you were expecting me."

Heat seeped onto my cheeks. I was not. I was just expecting delicious cookies, not you. I didn't even think through what to say to him!!

"Eh... I didn't send a note before coming."

"No, you did not."

Then why were you receiving me???

"How about your schedule?"

"You're my fiancee."

How many times have he used this reason? Does that mean I am an exception because I am his fiancee? That does not make sense... Stop beating my heart!

I'm sure it has more to do with responsibility than he liking me. Haven't you learned enough?

I looked down and saw the box of

ner on that fateful day told me no mushrooms were bought that day. She went to the market with Cook. The menu was not mushroom soup either. She left after Cook finished cooking, so she was sure. My family was murdered.


I can't leave. I have to stop my family from being murdered. I still had not found out the reason behind the murder or the true killer. I originally planned to persuade my whole family to go with me on a trip to Edehan or Zehan a month before the original date of the incident. Since the incident still hasn't happened, there is no way I could find out the killer if I was not able to do it in my previous life. The only way is to stay away.

Just when I was deep in thoughts, something clasped around my neck. It's a necklace. A glass seashell, filled with water. Sebastian was clasping the necklace around my neck.

He whispered next to my ears, "Trust me."

The words seem familiar... but where...

"Liana, go with Grand Duchess." He gently stroked my hair. "It's the only way."

"You'll protect my family?"

"Trust me." He gave me a final stroke on my hair and said, "I'll send people to protect your family."

"Is there a reason..."

"The hunting season is going to start. You are not a hunter."

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