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29th May, XXXX

That dream I had when I lost consciousness felt weird. It felt more like my memories than a dream. The beginning of the dream was a memory, but sand castle appearing out of thin air? That scene where grown-up Sebastian and I walk on the beach? That must be a dream. If those scenes aren't dreams, how do you explain them?

When I woke up, Mother was staying by my side.

"Liana, are you feeling better? Why did you stand there like a statue? Haven't I taught you since you were small? When you see a fire, run! Run like your life depends on it! Even a five year old understands that, why didn't you run! If the prince isn't there, you'll be burnt alive!"

I froze at the words 'burnt alive'.

"Why didn't you run, Liana? Sally told me that fire was originally just the size of a hearth fire. I don't think you would be frightened by a fire the size of a hearth fire! "

"It... it spread on pretty quickly."

"Sally said you froze as soon as you saw the fire."

"I... I was caught off guard."

Mother ey

and stayed in her room all day. It was easy to get fat. So I stopped myself from indulging too much. But the chocolates kept disappearing. I was quite sure I didn't eat that many during the day. One explanation was that I dream walk. The other was Sebastian eating them. (I did not think servants dare to eat the Queen's chocolate.) I asked him one day while he was looking through some papers. And he said yes without blinking. Those were my chocolates!! For one moment, I was really worried I dream walked and ate that many chocolates.

So... chocolate. Chocolate then.

I decided to find Sally and go shopping together. After the fainting spree, I think I deserve some chocolates.

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