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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 4868

Updated: 2018-08-04 21:35

28th May, XXXX

I thought I have left everything behind me, but apparently not...

Sebastian's aunt hosted a tea party today. His aunt, the grand duchess, loves parties. After taking Sebastian's medicine, I felt much better, so I went to her party as planned.

It was a nice tea party and Sally was there, so everything went pretty well. I had fun talking with Sally, listening to her fun antidotes about her life in a foreign court.

Amid all the fun, I forgot something, something really important...

It had something to do with Lady Sarah's cousin. Her cousin, Rosa, is from the country. She came to visit her aunt's family this summer, her aunt, in the hope of finding a nice match for her, asked Sarah to bring her to different parties. Rosa meets new people in every party she goes to. She is a nice and friendly girl, everyone likes her. If there is one misgiving then that would be her tendency to show off her power.

Something similar happened in my previous life, it was such a farce, it became the laughing stock for at least a season. Nevertheless, I forgot about that. Totally. That's when tragedy struck.

For some reason, in this life I sat very close to Rosa and her new friends. Unlike in my previous life where I sat all over the other side of the garden. When Rosa once again showed off her power, the same thing happened.

Her power was fire. She can shape fire into any shape she wishes. This time she said she could shap

efore Queen Henrietta passed away. I was very excited to see the sea. A whole body of water. As a water elementalist that was like paradise to me. I remembered playing in the water. After a while, I wanted to build a sand castle. But do you think a sand castle is easy to build? Of course not. I started to get frustrated after a while. That was when Sebastian stooped next to me. And then a castle appeared out of thin air.

Scene changed. I was back to that day. That day in the throne room. Just like that day, Sebastian grabbed my hand and pain left me. But this time, when I opened my eyes, I was standing on the same beach with King Sebastian next to me, holding my hand. Something nagged at the edge of my brain. This scene seems really familiar, like a memory to me.

Then I woke up.

Dreams, as people said, are nonsensical. Maybe because it was Sebastian who saved me from the fire today. That's why I dreamed about him... That must be the case... right?

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