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20th May, XXXX

After that day, a heavy burden seemed to have been lifted from my heart.

Weirdly, Sebastian did not break connection with me (although I suspect it may have something to do with his plan).

He started to bring me books. Not encyclopedia this time, but romance novels. Books I usually read.

"Thank you." I took over the book. Even though I know it's just make-pretend, for some reason I felt happy. Happy that he brings me something every time he comes here. Happy that he finally spends an ounce of his super brain to notice what I truly like.

"I hope you like this type of books." A flicker of amusement passed through his eyes again.

Teasing? Was he teasing?

Maybe because of my confused look, for once in my entire two lives, he explained.

"Whenever I entered the room, you were reading an encyclopedia."

"What? That is not true. Why would I read an encyclopedia?"

"The book with a blue cover and a tear at the right upper corner."

"Oh... that! Wait... that was an encyclopedia?" I really wished I didn't say it out loud.

"You were reading it every time I entered the room, you mean you didn't notice?"


Sebastian should hate this Lord Astor. If it wasn't for him...

"Astor is an interesting man." It's that smile again, that predator like smile. He really hates him then... right?

"You... you want to take revenge?"

"Astor is a better king than that Lucien. Working with him is more beneficial than with that Lucien." He leaned forward, touched my hair gently and whispered, "Working with smart people is better than with dumb people, remember that, Liana."

He then walked out of the room. What did that last line mean? He doesn't seem to hate Lord Astor as much as I thought. He seems to prefer to work with him over Prince Lucien.

Am I stupid or smart? If I am dumb, will I be discarded?

What am I thinking. Our engagement will end soon anyway.

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