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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 4741

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10th May, XXXX

I don't understand. That day with the cup of tea and the unstained dress. I am sure my dress was stained. Then how come the tea cup sat safely on the table? That happened after the dizziness I felt.

I have a theory. The inspiration came from looking through the encyclopedia. (Yes I am reading it, albeit slowly.) Time control. What if Sebastian has time control power. Then everything makes sense. He reversed time back to before the cup fell.

Why do I think it's Sebastian, but not myself? I experimented myself. I can't reverse time.

The most important thing is. I was reborn. I went back through time. At that time, Sebastian was sick for a few weeks. Anything a healer cannot heal for few weeks? Repercussion from using power. A healer can only slow down and soothe a repercussion down.

My theory is that Sebastian has another hidden power. Everyone in the country knows Sebastian can control ice. But it is not uncommon to have two powers. Not everyone is as stupid as that Prince Lucien from our neighboring country. Everyone from his country and the next three knows his powers. Thus his strengths and weaknesses. It is better to hide one, so that it can be one's hidden card.

Sebastian reversed time, that is why he acted differently. Why did he treat me so well? Perhaps he thinks I am pitiful? The unloved Queen who was burned to death with her kingdom.

But why was my time r

nely. I was all alone with no one to talk to. Everyone pointing fingers at me. And you didn't even help me when I begged you. I think I was going mad. Please. Break off our engagement."

Sebastian looked at me with this unreadable expression. He lifted his hand and gently wiped off my tears that I didn't even notice were sprouting out.

"I agree to break off our engagement, but with a condition."

"What condition?"

"I have my plans and losing my fiancee now is not beneficial to my plans. I will break off the engagement after that."

"When will that be."

"Does that matter?"

"My family..."

"You don't have to worry about that."

Even though he is a cold-hearted and emotionless monster, I still trust him unconsciously and unconditionally. Even when I hated him for not punishing the murderer, or when the whole kingdom fell into ashes. How pathetic.

Do I trust him this time? As pathetic as I am, of course I do.

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