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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 4778

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2nd May, XXXX

I woke up extra early this morning. I could not sleep last night. I went to meet Mother immediately after breakfast.

"Mother, you really didn't write to Prince Sebastian before my birthday?"

"No, I did not. How many times do I have to tell you. Do I need to swear on my power to prove what I'm saying is the truth? I have not written a single letter in ages!"

"You didn't? Then why did Prince Sebastian talk to me yesterday?" I mumbled.

"Liana!" she squealed. "My dear daughter, why didn't you tell me this yesterday? Such excitement!"

"You didn't ask him to talk to me, did you, Mother?"

"I told you I did not!"

If Mother said she didn't, then I believe she really does not do so. She cannot tell lies (she was brought up by a nurse who can tell when someone is lying). Then what made Prince Sebastian changed? Me being reborn? But I didn't do anything that will affect him for now...

"What did you say? I hope you didn't bring up the break off engagement nonsense!"

"I planned to, but was pushed off. Mother did you know the stones on the encyclopedia are real?"

"I did not look really closely. They are real? See, my dear daughter, how much Sebastian likes you! And you wish to break off the engagement!"

Mother does not understand, something is strange. Sebastian did not act like this in my previous life. Why does he change? Everything is exactly the same as before, except him

what could I do but to take out my books? One is an empty notebook. Another is my favorite romance novel.

"I will contact you when they are done."

"The pro...proposal. I will..."

"Give it to me when you have finished writing it. I will consider it."

He gave me a nod. I was dismissed... no he would leave now. I stood up to walk him to the door. That was when my tea cup fell off the table due to the movement I produced when I stood up.

If it's before I could save it easily, but I knew my body condition. I hesitated and the tea fell down, staining my dress. I felt some dizziness and when I opened my eyes after blinking, the cup with tea was safely on the table, my dress clean. Not a spot.

"What... the cup. My dress."

"See you next time." Sebastian gave me a nod and walked off, leaving me staring at the cup, confused.

I am sure that cup fell over, the tea inside spilling out and staining my dress. I am sure. But why...

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