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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 4287

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1st May, XXXX

Mother agreed to break off the engagement if Sebastian and I do not get along. The next thing I have to do is to tell Sebastian. I am sure he will agree. He doesn't care who he is going to marry. He is a workaholic. He cares about his kingdom and his subjects, but never his wife.

That's why when I knew he was coming to the gathering today. I decided to approach him. He looks thinner and paler, but as handsome as always. The impeccable shirt, hair and glossy shoes. The center of attention of every guest.

I secretly tracked him with my eyes. After greeting the hostess of this gathering, his aunt, he began to walk towards this corner of the garden I was hiding. That's my chance. I took a deep breath. I decided to track where he was going and intercept him. But then I found out he was walking towards me. No one was around me. If it was not me, then who? Did Mother write to him already?

He stopped in front of me and gave me his usual nod. I started to tug at my dress. Why am I always so nervous when I stand in front of him?

"Good afternoon, Prince Sebastian."

That's when I got this weird feeling. I felt dizzy and everything around me seemed to go backward. But that feeling disappeared after a few seconds. Maybe I was too hot standing under

ndane things? How about I give it to Adrian?"

"You're my fiancee. Adrian always sneaks off during office hour to entertain his fiancee."

I think I heard some kind of secrets from the Prince.

"I'll come tomorrow." He gives me another nod. "See you, Liana."

I was still in a state of shock when I returned home. Does that mean, the stones I thought were glass are actually real jewelsjQuery214017839289408247416_1533443249998?? The white ones are diamonds, the red ones are rubies, the green ones are emeralds, the blue ones are sapphires? The Prince must be kidding me, right? I need to take out the books and have another look.

They are real jewels. I should have noticed! They are so different from mere glass stones. What kind of lavish birthday gift is that?

Then does that mean he actually put some thoughts on my birthday present?

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