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23rd April, XXXX

I did some experiment on my power. As I thought, something is wrong. The limit of my power has greatly reduced. I can now only control one drop of water without getting sick and coughing out blood.

One drop. I thought controlling a tea cup of water was lame. Now guess what happens to my power? One should be satisfied with what one has. If only I understand this earlier on. Then I would not have complained. If that's the case, would my power not have left me?

Joking aside, I think it has something to do with my reborn. I traveled back in time, the balance of the world has to take something away from me. And that is my power. I think that is fair.

Today is my 17th birthday. So I guess I should stop writing about boring stuff. (That water control power isn't really a necessity in my life to be quite honest. Seems like my dress can no longer stay tea stain free though.)

Adrian and Jesse are coming back early from their work. Father too! Mother and I already went shopping this afternoon.

Oh... they are calling me for dinner. It's good to be 17 again. I miss this. Family gathering together. People celebrating my birthday. If I do not change the future, this is going to be my last birthday dinner with my family.

I am not going to allow that to happen.


I was not at all surprised with what my brothers and Father gifted me (as it's not the first time I experienced this). They aren't creative, so they got me a necklace, a pair of earrings and a novel recommended by Adrian's fiancee.

What surprised me was that Prince Sebastian sent me a gift. That didn't happen in my previous life. I looked at Mother, did she write to the prince already?

"Oh, has the Prince recovered?" Mother asked. She guessed what I was thinking and shook her head. "No dear, I didn't ask him to send you a present. I didn't even know he has recovered!"

"He is get

ting better, he still has to stay in bed, but he can manage some paper work now, " Adrian said. He works for the King and the Prince.

"What did he send you, Liana? That is one huge box! And from the look of the footman, really heavy too, " Jesse piqued.

I eyed the large box curiously and lifted the lid off. My jaw dropped.

My family saw my expression and sneaked closer to take a look at what was inside the box.

Jesse took out one of the books and read the words on the cover out loud, "Encyclopedia of Arerin, Volume I."

He put the book back into the box. All of my family simultaneously took two quick steps back. Apparently want to distant themselves from the entire set of Encyclopedia.

"Liana, see the prince cares for you!" Mother said in a squeaky voice and gave two awkward laugh.

"Liana, the prince rarely gives out presents... So... eh..." Adrian faltered off.

Is this a prank? No matter how poorly versed the prince is on the art of gifting, he could not have chosen an entire collection of encyclopedia. Granted I admit that the encyclopedia has really nice covers. But still... encyclopedia as birthday gift?

I am sure people who like reading encyclopedia would be very happy with the gift. But I am not one of those people.

"Is there some weird gossip floating around saying I like reading encyclopedia as past time?" I asked cautiously.

"No, I don't think so. At least Marie didn't recommend me to buy you a set of encyclopedia?" Adrian answered.

Marie is his fiancee. They decided to marry next year. When he was killed in my previous life, Marie was so devastated, she passed away shortly after that.

I won't allow that to happen again.

"Well... at least the Prince sent you something, " Jesse gave me a pat on my shoulder. "I'll help you carry the box to your room."

Is this a prank? That's the only thought in my mind as I eye the box at the corner of my room.

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