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   Chapter 3 Entry 3

Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 4001

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12th April, XXXX

My power is a bit weird.

I decided to let go of being tactful and get straight to the point. That's the only way I could talk with Mother. (That's what I learned after 3 failed attempts. Every time I brought up my engagement, she started to become dreamy.)

"Mother, I want to break off my engagement with Prince Sebastian."

I should have waited until Mother put down her cup of tea or finished drinking her tea. She spitted out her tea right at my face and poured her cup of tea on my lap.

Everyone in this world has one power or two. And I control water, but to a limited extent. I was not lying when I told King Sebastian I could only control water to a very limited extent that fateful day. I can only control a small cup of water. A small tea cup. That's why tea spillage is my specialty. My dress never sees a day of tea stain.

At that moment, I tried to force the tea coming all over me back into the cup. But that's the strange thing, after this usually easy feat for me, I felt dizzy and started to cough. I coughed out blood.

Mother screamed (I really hope it's due to the fact that I coughed out blood not because I wanted to break off the engagement) and I fainted.


Mother came in just now and I was scolded for writing in my diary when I was sick. See Mother loves and cares for me after all.

I asked about my condition.

"Mother, am I going to die?"

"Stop worrying. You won't die anytime soon as long as you rest!"

"Then why was I coughing out blood? In novels, people who cough out blood die one chapter later. I don't want to die."

I haven't saved my family. Nor have I reminded Sebastian on what is going to happen next.

"Liana, stop worrying. You always worry too much. Worrying is going to age you, you know. Doctor said it's not consumption."

"Then why was I coughing out blood? That's not normal!"

"Well... he said he wasn't sure of the exact cause, but he speculated that it had something to do

with you using your power. Liana, dear, did you push against your limit just now? He said that might be repercussion."

When a person uses his power over his limit, repercussion occurs. Everyone knows that. I know that. I know my limit.

"Mother, you knew I didn't! It's just a cup of tea, that's exactly what I can control!"

"Well maybe it's slightly out of your limit. Who knows, the amount of tea might be a bit more than what you're used to."

I know that's not it. But Mother seems to believe that. I need to further investigate that.

"Mother, about what I said..."

"Liana, Henrietta and I really thought the two of you are very well-suited. If we thought you two did not get along, we would have called the engagement off. Do you still remember the time you two played together? Prince Sebastian was really nice to you and you always had a fun time playing with him."

"But that was when I was small!"

"I know you two haven't talked in ages. And that's all my fault. I missed Henrietta and refused to get close to the castle."

"Mother, that has nothing to do with you. If... if he wants to talk to me, he would have. In balls or gatherings. Or even write letters! He didn't, Mother."

"Liana, how many balls have you gone to? Even if you did, those aren't gatherings where a prince would join. You know he is busy. He fell sick. Poor Sebastian."


I don't remember him falling sick. Not at this time... Or maybe I just wasn't aware of it in my previous life. I am slow in getting news.

"Yes. For a few weeks already."

"Did they ask for healers?"

"Of course they did, silly."

Then why is he still sick after a few weeks? It's rare to be sick for weeks. It's rare to be sick for more than 3 days.

"Stop worrying, Liana. I'll arrange the two of you to meet up, once the prince recovers. If... if... the two of you really don't like each other, Mother won't force you. Take some rest."

See, Mother loves me very much. I have to save her...

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