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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 1717

Updated: 2018-07-31 17:35

4th April, XXXX

Is this what afterlife looks like? The exact copy of your past life, but restarting at the point before everything turns into ashes? Giving you another chance to make a totally different choice?

I am back to 4 years ago. The year when I was still 16. Wait... I am 16. My parents and brothers are still alive.

I don't understand what had happened.

But another chance was given to me, I would be a fool not to grasp it. I need to change the future. I will make sure that my beloved family stay alive. I will.

The first thing to do is to break off my engagement with King... Prince Sebastian. People may ask why. Don't you want to be the future Queen? Don't you like Prince Sebastian? I tried in my previous life. I tried. It failed.

I am not and will never be Queen material. I am quiet and awkward around those I am not close

with. Even though I learned to disguise my awkwardness in front of guests, I was still not talkative. I was not charming. People didn't like me. Neither did King Sebastian. I was left day in and out in my room when there were no social engagements. He seldom talked to me. I was lonely and sad. And then there were those accidents...

I could stand the loneliness, but the talks and looks... And the fact that he didn't help me even when I begged for help. It's too much. I am not suitable and it's best to break off the engagement before everything starts.

By breaking off the engagement, I could leave the kingdom with my family before tragedy strikes.

But, Sebastian... Sebastian he really does not deserve that kind of ending. He is a good King.

Is there a way telling him everything that will happen in the future without exposing myself?

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