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Diary of a Reborn Queen By butterfly_effect Characters: 1985

Updated: 2018-07-30 22:34

I pushed open the door to the throne room.

Sebastian looked up from his throne with his eyebrow raised. A look of surprise on his usual emotionless face.

A moment of silence passed between the two of us.

I broke eye contact with him. Head down, I glanced at my new glossy shoes and the fancy ball gown I was wearing, the calm I had momentarily broke. Taking a deep breath, I walked towards him and sat on the smaller throne next to his. It was a throne made of pearl and marble. A throne for the Queen of Arerin.

"You can control water, " he said in his usual cold and clipped tone.

"To a very limited extent."

"You should have plenty of time."

"I... I was dressing up."My voice became softer. Too shy, lack of confidence. The usual problem when I faced King Sebastian.

He was right, I could have been able to escape. Only he was trapped here. But I was sure even if he wasn't trapped, he would not leave his kingdom. He would stay here and looked at every bit of his

kingdom fell into ruin like the King he was.

The fire was just around the corner when I entered the throne room. The air was getting hotter. Fumes sneaked passed the door.

"Leave, Liana."

My heart skipped a beat. It's the end of my life and I was happy he said my name? How pathetic I was. I tugged at the sleeves of my ball gown.

"There isn't enough time. And... I'm the Queen of Arerin. I'll stay here. With my King."

I looked up and met his ice-cold eyes.

"You control water."

"Only to a very limited extent."

The huge mahogany door erupted into flames. Fire danced outside the window.

"I can't escape now, " I whispered. "That's the end."

I closed my eyes and tried to bear the intolerable heat and pain. At least I was one of the best dressed queens to be burnt alive.

A cold hand covered my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. I opened my eyes in surprise and stared into the calm eyes of Sebastian. Pain left me.

And everything turned into ashes.

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